Bowhunting Legend Dwight Schuh Dies at 73

He was the man that inspired countless men, women, boys and girls to bowhunting adventure. Dwight Schuh, bowhunting legend, has died following a long battle with myeloma. Born in Corvallis, Oregon in 1945, Schuh would go on to develop a passion for hunting and the outdoors. It was a passion that would lead to a love for bowhunting and ultimately a career that involved telling the story of bowhunting adventure for well over 40 years.

The following statement was posted on his Facebook page…

“Following a long fight with multiple myeloma, Dwight Schuh peacefully crossed his final finish line this afternoon, February 5, 2019 surrounded by his wife and two daughters and brother’s family. Dwight was a bowhunting pioneer, industry icon, fisherman, Ironman, ultrarunner, marathoner, Army veteran, role model, follower of Christ, and beloved dad, husband, grandpa, and brother. He was planning his next adventure to the end. He never conceded, never acquiesced, never quit.”


Schuh had a way of telling the story of bowhunting adventure like nobody else.

Most of us knew Dwight Schuh as the editor of Bowhunter Magazine, a role in which he served from 1996 to May of 2011. I attribute much of my desire to go west in search of big game to the writings of Schuh. My first elk hunt in Idaho was to begin the day of the terrorist attacks on 9/11.  In the days leading up to this hunt I had been reading an article by Schuh on persistence and how he hunted for elk day after day by himself in the backcountry of Idaho. The story encouraged me and a friend to make the 30+ hour drive across the country to chase bulls when we realized there was no chance of getting a flight following that dreadful day in New York City.

Schuh’s stories encouraged me to ultimately write my own story and pursue a career as an outdoor writer. Schuh’s stories had a way of moving you to action. You could always count on Schuh’s content to entertain, educate and equip you as a bowhunter.


Happy trails to Dwight Schuh.

A Look Back at Schuh’s Outdoor Career

1971-1995 Freelance writer/photographer appearing in Outdoor Life, Field & Stream, Sports Afield, Bowhunter, Petersen’s Bowhunting, Bowhunting World, Bow & Arrow, and other publications.

1979-1981 Western Field Editor for Outdoor Life magazine.

1988-1998 Bows & Arrows Editor for Sports Afield magazine.

1996-2010 Editor of Bowhunter magazine.

Thanks for the inspiration, Mr. Schuh. You’ve fought a good fight – you’ve finished the race. Well done.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Dwight’s family in the days ahead as they adjust to life without the legend.


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Brodie Swisher

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  1. Mathew Warden says:

    Sad to hear the news of Mr. Schuh’s passing. He was truly an inspiration to me and many, many others. Thank you Mr, Schuh for your immense contribution to the sport of bow hunting. You will be missed!
    P.S. Say hi to ” Fred”

  2. Richard Drewry says:

    Dwight you will be missed by many and I, Richard Drewry , being one of the many. Your writings were the inspiration for me to start bowhunting , I especially loved the D. I. Y. hunts that you wrote about hunting elk in the western states. I still hunt that way in Colorado for elk with bow and arrow, I started in 1985 and will continue to do it as long as I can, “persistence ” is the key to success as Dwight has stated many times . I will remember your writings Forever!

  3. John A Ruege says:

    I can remember reading his by-line for many years before he became editor of Bowhunter taking over for another of bowhunting’s legends, M.R. James. Dwight’s stories were always captivating and always encouraged the reader never to give up though bowhunting is tough. Sad to see him go, but his articles and inspiration will live on. Thanks Dwight. We will miss you

  4. Jamie Jent says:

    A legend. I will never forget waiting for one of his new articles to hit my mailbox and watching, in awe as a brand new bow hunter, his videos in anticipation of bowseason opening.
    Godspeed, Mr. Schuh.

  5. Ken Stovall says:

    what a legend so sad ……God bless his family !!

  6. Joel Helein says:

    So sorry to hear the news of Dwights passing. Dwight has inspired me for many, many years and has helped create a passion for hunting that has truly helped me get through life! He will be sadly missed!!

    So long Dwight!

  7. John Torchick says:

    Sorry to hear of his passing, but to a better place as I read the obituary listed previously. Let’s keep the family in thoughts and prayers at this time. Let’s also remember him every time we pick up a bow.

  8. Vince Luce says:

    Truly a Bowhunting Legend that will be missed by many. He was one of my virtual mentors teaching me about bowhunting and equipment selection and just the craft of this great sport through his countless books, magazine articles and later on, his great videos with Larry D. Jones. God Bless him and his family.

  9. Perry Pappas says:

    It’s a sad day to be bowhunter. Dwight’s hunts were always great to watch! He will surely be missed. Thank you for such awesome footage over the years!! God Bless!!

  10. Royce Van Blaricome says:

    Just heard about this. I subscribed to Bowhunter for at least 3 decades and Dwight’s articles where always one of the first I looked for. I met him at a show once and walked away wishing I had been able to spend more time talking with him but knowing that one day I would. Dwight’s unapologetic mixing of his faith in Christ with his writings, conversations, etc. was an ever-present joy. It’s been a decade or more since I’ve picked up a bow or read Bowhunter. I stopped my subscription because i have about a year or more of issues I still have to read & Life has just brought other priorities. But Brother Dwight I look forward to seeing you in Eternity and getting a chance to have that talk!!

  11. Mark Abrams says:

    My appreciation of all the hunting shows, “professional” hunters, etc finally boils down to whether I think I would enjoy hunting with the hunter in question. Dwight Schuh would always have been my first choice in this regard, because of his easy manner, knowledge and willingness to share that knowledge. Very sad to hear of his passing, the hunting industry desperately needs more like him.

  12. buck menshouse says:

    great man new the true meaning of bow hunter loved his writings god blessed him thanks for being a great man and great bowhunter

    • Joseph A. Rodriguez says:

      Dwight Shuh, you were the reason that I bow hunted the American West for eleven consecutive archery seasons beginning in 1988. Like Fred Bear, Jim Dougherty, and other great archers before you, your writings simplified the stalking of big game, particularly elk. I wish you eternal rest in the Happy Hunting Ground and God’s Blessings upon your family.

  13. Alvin Schryvers says:

    I bought Dwight’s book “Bugling for Elk” in 1984 and with my friend Marshall went North of Craig Colorado and bugled in my first spike bull using his method and Larry Jones metal Reed to call on my first attempt. Result hit an Aspen tree that was covering part of his vitals at 30 yards using a Bear bow called the grizzly. I am hooked for life ( 76 my age now and still hunting). I have personnaly met both men and owe everything to them for my elk experiences. I will really deeply miss Dwight.


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