Age This Buck Results – Cal Ripken

We recently posted our December edition of the Age This Buck series. The featured deer was a southern Illinois stud hunted by several of our Bowhunt or Die prostaffers. The Stealth Cam captured the buck in September of 2015. The photo was one of many images the guys captured over the years.

In case you missed it before, here’s a look at the buck on the hoof…

age this buck - Cal-Ripken

The old buck had a neck like what you’d find on a rutting buck in November.

The guys finally caught up with the buck a few months after the photo above was taken and ended the story on the buck named Cal Ripken. The buck was aged at 6 1/2. Here’s a look at the buck on the day he met his match…

age this buck cal-ripken-buck-photo

Ty and Clinton with Cal Ripken.

A big thanks to all that commented with their best guess on the age of this buck. We had over 180 total comments and only 30 correct guesses. The winner that was chosen at random is….Eric Kellogg! Please send your info to and we’ll send you some Bowhunt or Die gear!

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