2019 Mission Switch and Mission Hammr Bow Review

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The crew at Mission Archery has completely redesigned their product line for 2019 in an effort to make a good thing even better. The company has long been known for making some of the best bows in the business when it comes to adjustability and affordability. Those same guiding principles continue for 2019 along with several new additional performance features to make the all-new lineup of bows from Mission Archery better than ever before. Here’s a closer look at the new Mission Switch and Mission Hammr compound bows from Mission.

First Impressions

The new Mission Switch and Mission Hammr both received several nice upgrades for 2019. You’ll notice them the moment you pull the bow from the box and go through the motions with them. They are both light, compact, smooth drawing and super adjustable. They have a new grip design as well that is slimmer and fits nicely in the hand. The new cam design on both bows allows for a silky smooth draw that’ll rival nearly any bow out there. And both bows wear a price tag that will be hard to beat as well. First impressions? These bows did not disappoint when it comes to smooth and super-adjustable budget bows.

Mission switch - Hammr-limbs

The 2019 lineup of bows from Mission Archery have been redesigned to provide performance and fit like never before.

Fast Fit Cam Technology

As the name implies, the new Fast Fit Cam was designed to allow you to quickly and easily give your bow the perfect fit. One screw on the mod allows you to change the draw length from a wide range of options. The Fast Fit cam was heavily inspired by the award-winning Crosscentric cam system, so you know it’s an incredibly smooth system. The Fast Fit Cam allows you to adjust the bow, fast and easy, to fit the smallest of shooters, or the largest of adult shooters. It truly is fast.


The new Fast Fit cam system is super smooth and easily adjustable to fit every shooter.

A Better Grip

The bows feature a redesigned grip that is thinner and more streamlined. The ergonomic design provides a more consistent hand placement on the bow for reduced torque and enhanced comfort. It’s a comfortable grip that eliminates the slipping and sliding that comes with beefier grip designs. It sits really well in the hand and will no doubt fit a wider range of hand sizes, both big and small.


The redesigned Mission line of bows include a slimmer, more streamlined grip.

Mission Switch

The Mission Switch is being touted as Mission’s most versatile bow yet. It’s wide range of options and adjustments make this the bow that levels the playing field and creates an option that shooters of all ages and sizes can shoot throughout their shooting and hunting career. It’s size comfortably fits most every shooter, from men and women, to younger archers too. It’s available in the really cool Realtree Original camo, as well as a black finish option. If you’re looking for a bow that you can grow with as you progress in your shooting career, or one your child won’t outgrow like last year’s tennis shoes, this is certainly a great bow to check out.

Specs on the Mission Switch

Axle-to-Axle – 31″

Brace Height – 6 7/8″

Draw Weight – 11-70

Draw Length – 18-30

Let-Off – Up to 80%

Weight – 3.84 lbs.

Speed – Up to 305 FPS

Price – $399

Mission Hammr

The Mission Hammr is the new go-to bow for young and growing archers. It’s an ultra-compact option that the smallest of shooters can handle, but a bow that I can make quick and simple mod changes to fit myself as well. I always liked the Mission Craze bow option from the earlier days in the Mission line because my kids could shoot and hunt with it, and with a quick adjustment, I could take it out bowfishing for myself. This new Hammr will serve the same purpose. There’s no doubt it will soon become one of the most popular youth bows of all time, as well as one of the hottest bowfishing bows on the market due to it’s compact size, maneuverability and adjustability.


Package options are available to outfit your Mission bow with a sight, rest, quiver and more.

After I spent some time shooting the Hammr at a 28-inch draw and 70 pounds of draw weight, I made a quick change in the mods and set the bow up to fit my 10-old-boy. We stepped out in the yard and he was immediately thumping the target’s kill zone. The bow truly is a great size for smaller framed shooters, allowing them to quickly find their groove and get on target.


The Hammr was quickly and easily adjusted to fit my 10-year-old boy.

Specs on the Mission Hammr

Axle to Axle – 28″

Brace Height – 6 1/4″

Draw Weight – 16-70

Draw Length – 17-29

Let-Off – Up to 80%

Weight – 3.4 lbs.

Speed – Up to 300 FPS

Price – $299

Be sure to check out these exciting new bows from Mission, as well as the complete lineup for 2019, at your local Mission retailer, or online at www.missionarchery.com.



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