Mathews Vertix Review & First Impressions

By Justin ZarrNovember 13, 20181 Comment

While October and November have traditionally been known as the two best deer hunting months of the year, archers are beginning to look forward to these fall dates for more than just big buck action.  In recent years bow manufacturers have adopted the fall months as their time to release new bows and this year is no different.  With much anticipation today marks the official release of the 2019 Mathews Vertix.  Let’s take a closer look at this new bow and see how it stacks up against it’s predecessors.

Mathews Vertix Review

First off, the Vertix is a continuation in the the line of Crosscentric cam-based platforms featuring bridged risers such as the Halon and the Triax.  The Vertix measures in at 30 inches axle-to-axle making it 2 inches longer than last year’s Triax while featuring a 6 inch brace height and shooting up to 343 feet per second.  Mass weight is 4.6 lbs for the bare bow.

The 2019 Vertix is available in draw lengths from 26″ to 30.5″ and peak weights of 60, 65, 70 and 75 lbs.  It is available in a variety of colors including Black, Stone, Optifade, Ridge Reaper and new for 2019 Realtree Edge camo is now an option as well.  The Vertix features Mathews’ exclusive 3D Dampening system which helps eliminate noise and vibration on 3 different axes, making the Vertix every bit as quiet and vibration-free as the award-winning Triax.

MSRP for the Mathews Vertix is $1,099.

SwitchWeight Technology

New for 2019, the Mathews Vertix features SwitchWeight Technology which allows you to change the peak draw weight of the bow by simply changing a module on the cams.  No more needing to order new bow limbs if you want to switch from 60 to 70 lbs max draw weight.  Modules are available in 5 lb peak weight increments from 60 to 75 lbs.

The benefit of SwitchWeight Technology is that archers are able to keep their bows operating at peak efficiency no matter their preferred draw weight.  So instead of owning a 70 lb peak weight bow and backing the limbs out so it draws 65 lbs, you can now switch to a set of 65 lb modules and keep your limbs bottomed out.  This helps increase the efficiency of the bow while making it more enjoyable to shoot.

Changing draw modules also allows you to change the let-off of your bow between 80% and 85% depending on your preference.  Of course you adjust draw length with these modules as well in 1/2″ increments from 26 inches up to 30.5 inches.

Mathews Switch Weight Modules

By simply changing modules on your cams you can adjust not only the let-off of your Vertix, but also the peak draw weight in 5 lb increments from 60 to 75 lbs.  No bow press is required for module changes, which is handy for DIY bow technicians.

Redesigned “Engage” Grip

Mathews has redesigned the grip on the Vertix to be more ergonomic while featuring a soft texture on the back.  This allows for more consistent hand placement especially when shooting without a glove or in warmer conditions where you may have sweat or moisture on your hand.  Personally speaking I never minded the previous Flatback grip, however I must admit the Engage grip is slightly more comfortable at full draw and it certainly looks cooler.

Mathews Engage bow grip

The new Engage grip is more ergonomic than previous models and now features a slight texture on the back to help ensure consistent hand placement.

Quiet, Efficient and Accurate

The Vertix wasn’t built to break any speed records or to be the lightest bow on the market.  It was built to be the most accurate, quiet, vibration-free and enjoyable to shoot bow that Mathews has ever made.  And in my opinion they hit every one of those marks.  Being slightly longer than the ultra-compact Triax offers a slightly less severe string angle from a bow that is absolutely dead in your hand when the string is released.  New Switch-Weight Technology is a step forward in easy adjustment and customization of your bow that we haven’t seen before.

Todd Graf buck with Mathews Vertix

Todd Graf with a great Illinois buck harvested with the new Mathews Vertix. Be sure to look for this full hunt on an episode of Bowhunt or Die.

If you liked the Triax you’ll love the Vertix.  Don’t believe me?  Visit your local Mathews Retailer and shoot one for yourself.  Then you decide.

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