Does Brace Height Really Affect Accuracy?

It’s long been said that brace height is a key factor in a bow’s accuracy. Shorter brace height bows tend to have the reputation of being tough to tame. They were wild machines that only the best archers could handle. So many shooters leaned towards a higher brace height bow. Instead of a bow with a 5″ brace height they would select a bow with a 6″ or 7″ brace height to maximize their accuracy. But does brace height really affect accuracy when it comes to the bows we’re shooting today?

brace height

Does the brace height on your bow make a difference in accuracy?

The advancements in bow technology have brought us a long way over the last few decades. And while some ideas and aspects of bow technology have changed, others are just as solid as ever. But have the advancements in today’s compound bows changed the way we view brace height? The video below finds Levi Morgan answering the question, “Does brace height really affect accuracy?”

What are your thoughts on this? Will Morgan’s input on brace height impact the way you shop for bows in the future? Comment below and let us know what you think.



  1. P.J. Reilly says:

    Couple things to pay attention to in this video. Unfortunately, he says brace height doesn’t mean much, but then he explains exactly why it does. For starters, says he shoots a 6-inch brace as well as an 8. Well, I certainly don’t doubt him. But he’s Levi Morgan – one of the best archers in the world. I’m not at his level, and most others aren’t as well. He says the longer an arrow is on the string, the more critical it is to maintain your form, because the longer it’s there, the greater the chance you can influence the shot by twitching or torquing, etc.. This is true. But he compares his 31-inch draw to someone with a 25-inch, saying his arrow is on the string longer regardless of brace height. This is true, except the 25 inch archer is never going to shoot at 31 inches. That comparison is meaningless. For the 25-inch archer, the only adjustment in the length of time the arrow is on the string is relative to the brace height. That is, for the 25-inch archer, the arrow is on the string longer with a 5-inch brace height bow, than an 8-inch. If you have perfect form, then no, brace height doesn’t matter. But if you don’t, I’d be willing to bet you’ll find the longer brace bow much more forgiving than the short one.


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