Deer Calling: Best Sounding Deer Calls for the Rut

By Brodie SwisherNovember 2, 2018

It’s hard to believe the early season has already come and gone and we’re closing in on the deer hunter’s most exciting days in the field. The rut is finally here! You’ve planned and waited all year for it, but do you have the calls in your arsenal to talk the talk to make big bucks walk your way this season? There’s been some major advancements in deer call technology and innovation in recent years. To give you a closer look at the latest and greatest, here’s our list of the best sounding deer calls for the rut.


Do you have the calls to put deer where you want them this season?

Tree Thrasher


Tree Thrasher

There’s a completely new call category hitting the woods this year with the introduction of the new Tree Thrasher. This call breaks away from all the me-too calls on the market today. There’s nothing like it. It’s a call designed to mimic the sound of a buck working a scrape, and it’s already proven to be incredibly deadly on drawing mature bucks to the stand.

The call features heavy duty contruction with tough nylon plastic covers to keep it quiet. The Rubber Coated Steel Spring design holds the assembly together when not in use. It was built with what is being called the “Noisy Cloth Accordion” to mimic realistic leaf thrashing, deer walking, and deer scraping sounds with minimal movement.

The call also is also able to produce the sound of a branch breaking in various noise levels, to simulate a buck working over a licking branch or rub. The tree rubbing pegs allows the hunter to produce the sounds of antlers rubbing trees and saplings.

The call is incredibly compact. It can easily fit in a shirt or pant pocket, but also features a Spring Loaded Gear Clip that easily attaches to a bow hanger, tree branch, or backpack. / $39.99


Primos Rack-n-Roll

best sounding deer calls primos-rack-n-roll

Primos Rack-n-Roll

The Rack-n-Roll allows you to mimic two mature bucks fighting, and it’s built in a nice and tight little package to make the sound of antlers rattling a cinch to carry into the woods. No more big, bulky antlers, or noisy rattle bags. This call is simple and easy to tote.

The call was actually designed and tested in an independent sound lab where a real recording of two 140” class bucks was broken down and analyzed by tone and frequency. The engineers then took that data and created individually tuned nodes that exactly match those tones and frequencies produced by mature bucks in battle.

Multiple sections of nodes were combined to create the volume and realism of two full sets of antlers coming together.

Even better, the Rack-n-Roll allows you to rattle with one hand so you have a free hand to keep your bow or gun ready.  /  $24.95


Flextone Extractor 4-n-1


Flextone Extractor 4-n-1

Call manufacturers have made the need for toting multiple calls to woods a thing of the past. Most grunt calls these days can mimic a handful of sounds to better cover the deer vocabulary. Such is the case with the Extractor 4-n-1 from Flextone.

This freeze-proof, soft-bodied call offers every type of deer vocalization you could need: from social grunts and fawn bawls, to doe bleats and even buck snort wheezes.

The X-Glide sound selection system allows you to quickly and easily make changes to adjust the sound you’re wanting to produce. The easy-gliding slider moves smoothly between buck, doe and fawn sounds so you get the right call each time. Top it off with Flextone’s innovative soft-body design, which surrounds the reed in rubber to mimic the soft tissue around a deer’s vocal box. All these features work together to help you create versatile calls with incredible realism.  /  $24.99

Quaker Boy Brawler Buck

best sounding deer calls - quaker-boy-buck-brawler

Quaker Boy Brawler Buck

I recently watched’s, Todd Graf, blow a grunt call at a buck he was pulling across a field. The sound immediately got my attention for how realistic it was. When I asked Todd about the call, he said it was the Brawler Buck. And though he also added that it was his stellar calling technique that sounded so good, I believe the call had a lot to do with producing some pretty amazing buck sounds.

The call is a freeze-proof design that allows you to blow as soft or as hard as you need. It has rubber bellows for a very realistic sound, rounded out with an acrylic mouth piece and cone.

The company says the Brawler Buck deer call is built like a buck. Like a big buck’s chest, the mouthpiece carries some weight to it. The revolutionary ESO TUBE is constructed to mimic a buck’s esophagus. The hard, reverse cone on the end resembles the mouth of a buck. These three attributes produce what the company says is the most realistic buck grunts sounds ever. Young or old, loud or soft, tending to aggressive, the revolutionary Brawler does them all.   /  $26.99




Looking for something really different for your deer calling arsenal? The guys at FOXPRO have taken their top of the line predator call concept and adapted it for the deer hunting world. There have been other e-callers on the market to offer deer sounds but the deer hunters have never seen anything like this.

The FOXPRO BuckPro gives you the ultimate advantage while chasing America’s favorite big game animal. The unit comes with 25 whitetail sounds, and 10 predator sounds and holds 300 sounds total. The BuckPro uses a single, high-efficiency Mylar cone speaker. Connect an external speaker to the jack on the side of the call for even more volume. While moving, a mature buck will likely come downwind. This system controls up to 3 BuckPro units from one remote for directional advantage, allowing you to play the wind as a buck approaches.

The BuckPro remote features an elastomeric keypad for effortless use, even with gloves. It also has category files for easy navigation through sounds. The remote has a power on/off switch, volume up/down buttons, scroll up/down buttons, a mute, and much more.

The BuckPro is backed by a 3 year limited warranty and is proudly made in the USA.  /  $179.99

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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