HME Executioner Hunting Blind Review [Video]

By Brodie SwisherSeptember 21, 20182 Comments

LAST UPDATED: March 15th, 2019

The portable hunting blind business has continued to boom in recent years bringing a variety of new concepts and designs. And while some of these new ground blind concepts have seemingly helped change the game, they’ve also added a lot of bulk. However, the new HME Executioner Hunting Blind, from the guys at Hunting Made Easy, delivers a solid blind with plenty of features, yet with a weight that is incredibly hunter friendly. In fact, it’s one of the lightest full size portable hunting blinds to ever hit the market.

HME executioner hunting blind

HME Executioner Hunting Blind

Here’s a closer look at the HME Executioner Hunting Blind…

A Blind to Keep You Mobile

The beauty of portable ground blinds is the ability to stay mobile. You’re not limited by lack of trees to hang a stand, or wind direction. You simply place your blind where you want to be. Unfortunately a lot of the blinds on the market these days don’t allow you to stay mobile for run-n-gun tactics. Many of them are too heavy to carry very far and are difficult to set up and take down. The Executioner blind is the perfect answer for staying mobile. It sets up in seconds and comes back down even quicker when you’re ready to move. As mentioned above, it’s a super-lightweight blind that’s easy to pack, whether you’re hunting just out back, or a mile down the trail.

HME executioner hunting blind -windows

The Executioner blind allows for fast and easy setup and tons of visibility.

A Blind That Easily Blends In

The Executioner blinds have brush loops across the top and bottom for easily securing brush, branches, or grass to help you go undetected when deer hunting from the blind. In just a matter of minutes, you can make the blind disappear by stuffing brush into these handy loops for the ultimate concealment. Whether you’re hunting a field edge, or in the timber, the camo and concealment features of this blind allow you to stay hidden from the game you pursue.


Brushed in and ready to hunt.

A Blind With Options

The HME Executioner Hunting Blind comes in two different options to meet whatever needs you have. There is a 3-Person blind that measures 75″ x 75″ x 67″.

For an even lighter and more compact option, check out the 2-Person blind that measures 62″ x 62″ x 66″.

A Blind with Features

These blinds feature a really slick and simple window system that gives you some of the best visibility in the business. The windows can be quickly and quietly raised and lowered for easy adjustment as you set up or prepare to shoot.

The blinds feature a water resistant, brushed fabric in a 3000 shell (3-Person), 1500 shell (2-Person). The blackout interior helps you stay concealed, particularly when you’re wearing a black shirt or jacket.

The blinds also feature ozone loft pockets to easily stash your ozone generator so you can continue to kill human odor, even when hunting from the ground.

HME Executioner Hunting Blind – Conclusion

Be sure to give the Executioner blinds a look this season when you find yourself in search of a better blind for hunting whitetail deer. In my opinion, the two big selling points for this blind are its weight and the visibility it provides. It’s easily one of the most packable hunting blinds on the market. It gives you ample visibility and shootability so you can make the shot happen – all at a price that’s hard to beat.

The blinds can be found online for as little as $89.99




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