Hunter Safety System ProSeries Safety Harness Review

By Brodie SwisherSeptember 11, 2018

I remember the time when a treestand safety system mean’t nothing more than a webbed strap tied around your waist. I also remember wearing it because it was the safe thing to do, all the while knowing that if I fell out of my tree while wearing it,  I’d be a dead man. Many years later, the guys at Hunter Safety System answered the demand for a better approach to treestand safety. Their Hunter Safety System was the answer to tangled treestand safety belts and harnesses. Their new harness concept was a legit safety system that would truly save a life. Their early harnesses featured straps and buckles like what you’d find in a car’s seatbelt and buckle system. The buckles even had that loud, obnoxious safety belt click. Many years have passed since Hunter Safety System unleashed their ProSeries vest, but the vest is still an all-time favorite among HSS fans. That’s why the HSS crew has brought back the ProSeries vest in an updated version for 2018. Here’s a look at what you’ll get when you purchase the new HSS ProSeries harness.


One of the most popular HSS harnesses ever created is back and better than ever for 2018.

What’s in the Box?

In the box you’ll find the Hunter Safety System ProSeries harness, adjustable tree strap, suspension relief strap/deer drag combo, lineman’s climbing strap, instructional DVD, instructions on how to safely use the system, and HSS decal.

proseries box conents

Here’s a look at what’s inside the box when you purchase your HSS ProSeries vest.

At first glance, the vest may look somewhat similar to the old-school vest of the past, but upon closer inspection you’ll quickly notice all the updates and additions to make this a modern day workhorse. The reintroduced ProSeries combines the latest technology in treestand safety with the classic features that made this harness a fan favorite years ago.

In recent years, the HSS harnesses began featuring the new ElimiShield Hunt Scent Control Technology. The new ProSeries is no different. You take every precaution to keep your human scent under control when you step in to the deer woods. Don’t miss the final step when you harness up. The ProSeries with ElimiShield helps round out your scent control efforts to help you go undetected while staying safe.


ElimiShield helps you go undetected.

One thing I remember about that old ProSeries harness is the bulk it had to it. It was the safest thing on the market when it came to treestand safety, but it was also pretty heavy. The new ProSeries hareness is 40% lighter thanks to its lightweight fabrics and ventilating mesh. It’s much lighter, cooler, and more comfortable than ever before.

HSS proseries front

The mesh-backed design of the ProSeries helps makes this vest 40% lighter.

You’ll know you’ve stepped into modern times when you see the built-in USB port on this vest allowing you to connect your USB compatible device to a USB battery pack (not included). No more dead cell phones, flashlights, or other batteries. Stay charged with the ProSeries vest. Think this is a little overkill? Not a chance! Just remember all those times your cell phone died before you made it back to the truck, or when you had a deer down and needed help from a buddy. Now you can stay charged and stay connected.

HSS proseries-USB

Stay connected with the built-in USB port.

Other features of the new ProSeries vest include eight pockets to hold your mask, gloves, screw hooks, rangefinder and other essentials. I like pockets for my hands on a safety harness to help knock off the chill without having to dig deeper to my jacket pockets. The two chest pockets allow you to stash your cell phone and battery charger in secure zippered pockets. You’ll also find a built-in bino harness to securely anchor and hold your optics.

HSS proseries-zipper

Ample pockets allow for storage of all your gear and gadgets.

Size options for the HSS ProSeries include:

Small/Medium – 100-175 lbs.

Large/X Large – 175-250 lbs.

XX Large/XXX Large – 250-300 lbs.


The new HSS ProSeries vest sells for $139.95. You can see it, as well as the complete line of HSS products, at



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