Obsession Fixation 6XP Bow Review

We recently had a chance to lay hands on the 2018 Obsession Fixation 6XP compound bow. It’s a bow we were introduced to back at the ATA show at the beginning of the year, but were finally able to spend a little time with in the office. I couldn’t help but grin when I pulled the bow from the box and saw that it was finished in Mossy Oak Bottomland camo, one of my all-time favorite camo patterns from back in the day. If looks alone were enough, this bow would get my nod. But, there’s obviously more to a quality bow than just a cool camo finish. So after some time spent on the range with this bow, here’s our Obsession Fixation 6XP bow review.

First Impressions

As mentioned, I was immediately impressed by my favorite camo finish on the bow we had to test. It’s a really sharp setup with a slick vintage camo color option. Another welcomed feature was its size. After shooting so many super-short bows lately, this bow almost felt long. However, it’s just 32.25″ axle to axle – a short sized option that many say is the perfect length for a short bow. I was also immediately impressed by how smooth a draw this bow has. It’s the kind of draw many other bow companies strive for. And the lack of vibration and hand-shock upon release was equally impressive.

Obsession Fixation 6XP Specs

Axle to Axle – 32.25″

Brace Height – 6″

Bow Weight – 4.5#

Draw Length – 26.5″-30.0″

Half Sizes – 26.5″-29.5″

Draw Weight – 40#, 50#, 60#, 65#, 70#

Let-off – 80%

IBO Rating – Up to 358 fps

XP Riser Design

Obsession’s all-new XP Riser design was engineered to raise the bar in performance and accuracy. The XP Riser was created to be a stiffer riser. Why? The intention of the stiff riser design was to reduce flex while adding superior stability during your draw cycle.


XP Riser

XP Cam System

As mentioned, this is a very smooth drawing bow. Much of that is due to the bow’s XP Cam system. The high performance XP Cam is a draw-specific cam made of 7075 Alloy Aluminum. This two track cam system delivers a really solid back wall and reduces cam lean. The beauty of this cam system is its smoothness and simplicity.


XP Cam

TorqueLess Custom Grip

I immediately noticed something unique when I put my hand into the grip of this bow. I wasn’t sure what it was, but I immediately realized how solid it felt. After studying the bow further, I realized I was experiencing Obsession’s TorqueLess Grip design. It was created to give the exact noticeable difference in the hand I had felt. It was impressive. It actually works like it’s supposed to. These grips were professionally designed to deliver accuracy through consistent and proper hand alignment shot after shot. Whether you’re on the target line, or in the woods, you’re gonna like this grip.


TorqueLess Custom Grip

XP Limb Pocket

When I first heard that this bow featured a 6-piece limb pocket, I thought it surely must be complicated. I’m not a big fan of extra parts and pieces when it comes to my bow gear. The theory, however, is that extra-performance bows require extra-performance limb pockets. Thus the creation of their all-new XP Limb Pocket. The 6 piece limb pocket has a 3/8 stainless steel rod inserted into the riser at the limb’s pivot point to reduce cam lean and eliminate limb torque throughout the draw. The ultimate goal was to design a limb pocket that’ll boost performance and deliver accuracy shot after shot. Obsession says they’ve done just that with the XP Limb Pocket.

Obsession fixation 6XP -limb-pocket-2

XP Limb Pocket

Adjustable String Suppressor Rod

The bow’s adjustable string suppressor rod is being touted as the most alterable string stop, designed to minimize vibration, and produce a more consistent arrow exit. Quick and easy adjustments are made on the rod with an Allen tool.

Sound and Vibration Dampening

Obsession bows have developed a reputation for being some of the quietest bows on the market. For 2018, they’re taking things a step further with the addition of the Axion Limb Dampener system in their split limbs. It’s a system they say promotes unparalleled noise and vibration control, resulting in a more accurate and quiet shot.


Axion Limb Dampener

Anti-Torque Cable Guard Rod

Another unique feature of the Fixation 6XP is an Anti-Torque Cable Guard Rod. The benefits of this style rod can be seen in several ways. Not only does the Anti-Torque Cable Guard Rod increase speed, but it also creates a smoother draw cycle. The Anti-Torque Angled Cable Guard Rod also reduces cam lean as you draw for maximized power and bow speed.

obsession fixation 6XP -rod2

Anti-Torque Adjustable Cable Guard Rod

America’s Best Bowstrings

The Bowhunting.com crew uses America’s Best Bowstrings on their bows, so we we’re obviously excited to see that ABB strings come standard on the Obsession Bows lineup. Great bows deserve great strings. Obsession Bows come outfitted with America’s Best Bow Strings for superior quality and unparalleled performance. Completing your setup with America’s Best Bow Strings will give you a competitive edge this season whether you’re in the field or on top of the podium. The guys at Obsession spared no expense with their string choice on this one.

obsession fixation 6XP -ABB-strings

ABB Custom Bowstrings

Obsession Fixation 6XP – Conclusion

The Obsession Fixation 6XP was the first bow from this company that we’ve had a chance to test, but I can assure you, it won’t be our last. In an industry that’s seemingly flooded with bow manufactures, you’d think there really isn’t room for a new company to find their place. Yet, Obsession Bow has done just that. They’ve found their place. And after spending some time with the Fixation 6XP, it’s safe to say their place is toward the top when it comes to building bows that are super-smooth to draw and shoot.

The Obsession Fixation 6XP has a price tag of $999.99. Check it out at www.obsessionbows.com.



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