Bowhunter Mauled by Bear After the Shot

By Bow StaffAugust 30, 2018

Banning, California (AP) – Authorities say a bowhunter was mauled by a 300-pound black bear after he shot it with an arrow in the Southern California mountains.

California Department of Fish and Wildlife officials say the man, who was hunting with two other people, was attacked last Friday after he ran up to the wounded bear in the San Bernardino Mountains of Riverside County.

Authorities say the man was hospitalized with serious injuries but there’s no word on his condition Tuesday.

His hunting companions weren’t hurt.

The bear died of its wound.

bowhunter mauled by bear - black-bear-looking

Regardless of how confident you are in your shot, never run up on a wounded bear.

The story serves as a reminder – never run up to a wounded bear. No matter how excited you may be, and regardless of how confident you are in your shot placement, never run up on a wounded bear. It’s a good way to get mauled, seriously injured, and possibly even killed.

People say it all the time, “Bears won’t attack you unless they feel threatened.”

Wounding one with an arrow, and then immediately running up on it, certainly would fall into the category of “threatening.”

Use your noggin! Don’t charge a bear – unless you want to get mauled.

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