PSE Evolve 28 Bow Review

By Brodie SwisherJune 28, 2018

LAST UPDATED: August 14th, 2018

PSE is stirring up a little off-season excitement with their mid-year release of the new Evolve 28 compound bow. Their Evolve Series of bows has been well received among PSE shooters, old and new, and this new entry is sure to fall right in line with the rest. As the name implies, the Evolve 28 is a 28″ axle to axle bow. It was a bold move for PSE in a year when some of the hottest bows of the season have been unleashed in the 28″ platform. But PSE seems to have proved they can still hang with the best of the best with this new short and sweet compound bow. Whether you’re a longtime PSE fan, or just curious about what the company is up to, we offer our PSE Evolve 28 Bow Review to give  you a closer look at the latest.


The 2018 PSE Evolve 28

This new and exciting bow delivers all the great features of the Evolve Series in a super-compact package that is one of the most packable bows you’ll ever find. Take a closer look at the PSE Evolve 28 in the video below….

First Impressions

I love the ultra-compact compound bows that have become so popular recently. This one is no exception. I couldn’t help but smile when I pulled this little bow from the tiniest bow box I’ve ever seen. They say, “Big things come in small packages.” And I would say the Evolve 28 is the perfect example. The bow feels great in the hand, is very well balanced, and draws smoother than any of the other PSE bows I’ve drawn in the past. And while I haven’t laid hands on every PSE bow over the years, this is easily the best one I’ve shot yet. This bow was a great move by the crew at PSE.

Evolve 28 Fit and Finish

This bow brings another great option to a growing list of short bows with big performance. Despite its small frame, this bow is no slouch. It is really well balanced and feels great at your side when carrying, as well as at full draw. The bow we are reviewing came in Mossy Oak camo with a standard finish feel, much like what we’ve seen in the past.


Specs on the PSE Evolve 28

As mentioned, the new PSE Evolve 28 is a 28-inch axle to axle bow. PSE is no stranger to super-short compound bows, having offered a bow as short as 26 inches in years past.

And with the Pope & Young Club now accepting bow kills with a 28″ bow, it was the perfect move to bring back another shorty to the mix.

The Evolve 28 has a 7-inch brace height and weighs in at just 4.1 pounds. And maybe it’s just the balance of the bow, but it honestly feels lighter than 4 pounds. The bow features draw length adjustments from 24.5-30 inches and is available in 60# and 70# models.

The bow also has an impressive 90% let-off that pretty much leaves you holding next to nothing at full draw.

With the 90% let-off mod in place, the bow is rated at 335 FPS. However, you can replace the mod with a Fast Mod that takes the bow to a rating of 345 FPS.


PSE limbs and Wedge-Lock pockets are a nice combination.

Evolve Cam System

The Evolve Cam System has quickly become a favorite among PSE shooters. It comes standard on all Evolve Series bows as well as the Carbon Air Stealth bows. It’s a smooth system offering high let-off and a solid back wall. The Cam has plenty of options as well with three different modules available. The FL Module offers 65-70 percent let-off. The HL Module offers 80-90 percent let-off and the LL Module, yet another option, allows for 65-75 percent let-off. PSE says it’s their greatest cam system yet. Quick and easy draw length adjustability is built into this Evolve Cam System, with options from 24.5-30 inches, as previously mentioned.


PSE Evolve Cam System

Shooting the PSE Evolve 28

I spent some time shooting the Evolve 28 through the chrono to see how it stacked up. I used an Easton Axis arrow that weighed in at 391 grains, as well as a Carbon Express Maxima Red SD arrow that weighed 405 grains. These arrows are a little lighter than my normal hunting arrow weight, but they aren’t too far off.


The Last Chance Archery Scale is a handy tool for obtaining exact arrow weight.

The Easton Axis arrow hit the Block target at 302 feet per second, while the Carbon Express shaft came in at just under, with a speed of 298 feet per second.

The test bow we used was set at 29″ draw length, and with the limb bolts bottomed out, it was drawing 69.2 pounds.

pse evolve 28 bow review evolve-chrono

Running a few shots from the Evolve 28 through the chrono.

The Grip

If you’re a shooter that likes to strip down the grip to the riser, removing any plastic or wood stock grip or accents, then you’ll really like this grip. PSE has slimmed it all down for you. It’s a solid grip that will sit tight in your hand without the slipping or sliding. It delivers a natural fit that aids in proper hand positioning, without having to slide or roll your hand around to get in place. No big, bulky add-ons here. This grip has a bare riser feel that is sure to give you a really solid hold without the frills.

pse evolve 28 bow review evolve-bow-grip-1

The Evolve 28 features a scaled down grip for easy handling.

PSE Evolve 28 Bow Review – Conclusion

The PSE Evolve 28 is a bow that will find its way into the hands of many hunters this fall. It’s a great little bow that is going to be a lot of fun to hunt with this season. Say goodbye to big, bulky bows that weigh you down and are hard to pack into the backcountry or treestand. This bow is a deadly weapon in a light and tight package that’ll put it toward the top of the list when it comes to the deadliest bows of 2018.

The PSE Evolve 28 sells for $999. You can find it at your local PSE retailer, or check it out online at the PSE website at

Be sure to comment below, and let us know your thoughts on the 2018 PSE Evolve 28 bow.


Brodie Swisher
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