Arrow Adhesives With Pine Ridge Archery

Jerry Tepps of Pine Ridge Archery stops by to talk about different adhesive that you can use on your arrows, how different arrow adhesive compares to each other, and which glue works best for the task at hand.




Links to Products Used:

Instant Arrow Glue – Instant Arrow Glue

Instant Arrow Glue Accelerator – Instant Arrow Glue Accelerator (2oz.)

Instant Arrow Gel – Instant Arrow Gel .71 oz.

Insert Glue – Insert Glue (1/2 oz)

Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy –



  1. When using instant arrow glue do carbon shafts need to be prepped with acetone in order for the vanes to adhere to the carbon? Iv’e had trouble in the past with certain vanes not adhering to the carbon.

    • developer says:

      We would recommend using warm water to wipe down the end of the shaft. Then dry it with a paper towel. Jerry told us that he doesn’t like using acetone that much on his arrows. If you’re still having issues with the vanes not sticking to the carbon, try using adhesive arrow wraps. There are some brands of carbon arrows that seem to be more difficult to get vanes to adhere to. But if you put an arrow wrap on, and then glue the vanes to the wrap, they should stay on a bit stronger.


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