Best Archery Targets for the Backyard

By Brodie SwisherJune 1, 2018

Whether you’re flinging a few arrows on the weekend, or have an in-depth, daily practice routine, having the perfect target to meet your needs on the backyard bow range is a big deal. And with tons of target options on the market these days, it can be difficult to determine exactly what you need. Our goal is to make the job easier for you with a list of some options out there. Here’s a look at some of the best archery targets for the backyard bow range.

Block 6×6 Target ($99.99)

BLOCK target

Block 6×6

We’ve put the Block 6×6 to the test and really love how durable and easy to handle this target is. It handles the weather really well when being left out in the sun or rain without retaining water, cracking, peeling, or dry rot from being left in the sun. Unlike most any other target out there, you can shoot the Block 6×6 from every side of the target for longer target life.

The target measures 18x18x16 inches and is built with a poly fusion layering technology for great stopping power, yet still allows easy arrow removal. It also features a built-in carrying handle, so you don’t have to worry about handles breaking or falling off.

Rinehart Rhino Bag Target ($59.99/$79.99)


Rhino Bag

Rinehart’s Rhino bag was built with Smart Core Technology to give you a long-lasting target while providing super easy arrow or bolt removal after the shot. The material and design of this target helps eliminate dry rot that is so common with a lot of bag targets. The outer protective layer was built to withstand UV rays and keep the target from becoming brittle.

The Rhino comes in two different sizes to accommodate whatever needs you have. The 22” target is a 22”x22” target and the 26” target is 26”x26”.


Delta McKenzie Chunk ($39.99-$119.99)

best archery targets for the backyard

The Chunk

The new Chunk target from Delta McKenzie is a nice and portable block-style target that is easy to handle and move around the yard for your practice sessions. It can handle both fieldpoints and broadheads. The Chunk is built with Delta McKenzie’s Mo’Foam design process that fuses layers together for a dense, single-block design that is tough and durable and will outlast many of the other targets on the market today.

The cube shape design allows for ample shots on four sides and will stop arrows from today’s high-speed bows and crossbows.

Bigshot Extreme 500 Series  ($139.99)

best archery targets for the backyard

Bigshot Extreme 500

If crossbow hunting is your game and you’re looking for the ultimate target to stop arrows at any speed, check out the Bigshot Extreme 500 Series target. As the name implies, it is capable of stopping arrows zipping at speeds of 500 feet per second, the first target of its kind in the industry.

You can shoot with confidence knowing that you have a target that’ll stop your arrows no matter how fast they’re flying. The target measures 24 x 24 x 9.5 inches in size.

It’s solid yet compact, making it a great option for the backyard, shop, or anywhere else you care to shoot.


SpyderWeb ST XL No Speed Limit  ($209.99)


SpyderWeb ST 24 XL

Want a target with no speed limits? Check out the SpyderWeb ST XL No Speed Limit target. It has tremendous stopping power, yet super-easy arrow removal. The self-healing Spylar was designed to last longer than any other target face out there. It has a reinforced steel handle for reliable transport.

It can handle both large and small diameter arrows, but was designed just for field point arrows. It measures 24x24x15 inches and weighs 62 pounds, and comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Morrell High Roller 21  ($94.99)

Best Archery Targets for the Backyard

Morrell High Roller

The new High Roller 21 target from Morrell was designed to be tough as nails to withstand all the shots you can fling its way. It features Morrell’s new foam technology that delivers a more durable design for years of use. The self-healing material allows for easier arrow removal and quick closure once arrow is removed from the foam.

The target is tough enough to handle shots from the fastest bows, and even crossbows up to 450 fps. The EZ-tote handle allows you to move it around the yard or hunting camp nice and easy. The High Roller 21 measures 21x21x21 inches.


Rinehart RFT ($34.99)


Rinehart RFT

One of my favorite targets for the yard, or to travel with, is the 9” Rinehart Field Target (RFT). The RFT is the ultimate target to take anywhere you want to go. It only weighs a couple pounds, so you can literally stash it in a suitcase and take it to hunting camp or when you travel on vacation or business.

It’s a round target with a variety of hi-visibility aiming points across it for shooting at any angle or direction. The versatile RFT is balanced with sand, so it always lands upright and ready for action. It’s the perfect target to help your distance judging skills as well. Simply roll or chunk the target across the yard and shoot it wherever it stops. It’s a fun and inexpensive target that should be on every bowhunter’s practice range.



Rinehart Woodland Coyote ($89.99)


Rinehart Woodland Coyote

The new Woodland Coyote target from Rinehart expands on the company’s growing line of targets designed to be super tough, yet cost effective for most every archer. The Woodland series of targets are designed to withstand a tons of shots from both fieldpoints as well as broadheads.

They offer a much denser foam than the average target for greater strength and longer target life. The new coyote target offers a life-like size and paint scheme to make your backyard practice better than ever.

The Woodland Coyote target measures 16” H x 29” L and presents a simulated weight of 24 pounds.

Shooter 3D Targets ($69.99-99.99)


Shooter 3D Hog

The Shooter 3D target series is a simple and cost effective 3D target option that’ll give you realistic practice at an affordable price. The Shooter Hog target is great option due to its light weight and one-piece design. It’s really easy to move about the yard or pack in the truck and take to hunting camp.

The Shooter Hog looks great and is realistically sized, just like those young hogs that are so common on a southern hog hunt. In addition to the hog, the Shooter series features deer, turkey and bear, all of which can handle field points or broadheads. Best yet, the Shooter 3D targets are a great option for the budget-minded shooter, ringing up at well under $100.

Delta McKenzie Baby Daddy Deer Target ($129.99)


Delta McKenzie Baby Daddy

Delta McKenzie has been making some of the best targets in the business for a long time. For 2018, they introduced their new Baby Daddy deer target to their lineup of backyard targets.

The target features the company’s new proprietary Antler Sockets. The new socket system solves the problem of antlers working their way loose and wearing out the foam. This new design ensures your buck target will continue to be a buck target instead of becoming a doe target.

The Baby Daddy also features a new and unique cross-body dovetail system that ensures the target stays together and stable. No more legs falling off and the target collapsing. It has a self-healing foam design and can be shot with both field points or broadheads. The target measures 31”x41” from the ground to the top of back.

R&W Critter Pak ($99)

Critter Pak

Critter Pak

If it’s small game you’re preparing for, there’s a target for that too. The new Critter Pak from R&W includes a life-size raccoon and groundhog for a fun and exciting way to practice aiming small. These one-piece backyard targets are really tough, easily handling all the shots you can send its way. You get both targets for $99 after rebate. These targets provide a fun, and challenging, way to stay sharp during the off season. And because they are so small, you can easily move them about the yard, or haul them in the back of your truck.

Give these targets a look this year as you beef up your backyard bow range. These targets will provide years of use and keep your time on the range challenging and fun.

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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