Coyote Attacks Turkey Decoys: Would You Shoot or Pass? [Video]

It’s an all too common scene each spring. Hungry coyotes taking advantage of what looks to be an easy meal as they encounter your turkey decoys. You’ve likely seen it for yourself. If not, just give it some time. It’ll happen sooner or later. Its seems that coyotes are as visible in the spring as much as any other time of the year. That’s why these decoy encounters are so commonplace.

For some hunters, the situation quickly turns into a coyote hunt, while others simply watch things unfold and let the coyote come and go with a free pass to live another day. Which hunter are you? When coyotes attack your turkey decoys, will you shoot, or pass?

Watch the video below to see how these guys handled a coyote attacking their turkey decoys…


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  1. Doug Krebs says:

    Blast em with whatever weapon you are using if it’s legal where your hunting.

  2. I take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way to take out a coyote. They kill more turkeys than hunters do.

  3. hunterdan says:

    Shoot them every opportunity you get. Oh, and by the way, coyote hunting season should be year round in New Jersey where I live. These are nuisance predators that create havoc for deer and turkey hunters. The coyote population keeps getting bigger and bigger.

  4. John A Ruege says:

    In Michigan you can shoot ’em with a base license any time of year. If a guy wants let ’em go that’s up to him. For me it’s “fire away”. They are too cagey as it is. Save a few deer and turkeys for fall. The coyotes won’t suffer a bit if you take one or two.

  5. With the coyote population as large as it seems, and with the game animal killing they do, I would take the shot.

  6. To quote The Untouchables, “He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue.” Take it out, but don’t waste the meat.


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