Bob Eyler Wins The Vegas Shoot 2018

The Vegas Shoot 2018 is in the books, and the outcome seemed to surprise most everyone in attendance at this year’s event. The big names that we so often hear of and see on the leader board were nowhere to be found when the dust finally settled.

“A lot of the big-name shooters were dropping points left and right on Day 2,” said Mike Lloyd of Recon Archery. “There were a lot of disappointed shooters that were expecting to go further in this event.”

Bob Eyler, from Michigan, stepped to the line without the flashy sponsor swag that you typically see with today’s top shooters. Eyler was wearing an old-school NY Yankees hat and shooting a Martin bow. Seriously, when is the last time we’ve seen a Martin bow on the winner’s podium?

Eyler went on to beat seven 900-perfect shooters to win The Vegas Shoot 2018  championship at the South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa in Las Vegas. Beyond the glory of winning the most prestigious event in indoor archery competition, Eyler took home the top prize, a check for $52,000.


Not a bad payday for Bob Eyler, winner of The Vegas Shoot 2018.

The win was a first for Eyler, making his archery dream a reality. “If there’s any tournament I could choose to win, this would be it,” added Eyler. “Dream come true. Archery-related, that’s my dream come true.”


Shooters offer congratulations on Eyler’s win.

Here’s a look back over the last few days at The Vegas Shoot 2018…


  1. Bill Spruill says:

    This guy is a hero! Only in America can a guy practice his bow and without big money sponsors enter and win. Great that he put out the effort and had confidence in himself. Should be inspiring to all of us.

  2. JOHN RICHEY says:

    Bob Eyler! I’m so happy for this guy. No sponsors, a Martin bow and Michigan shooter. Hard work and determination, you can’t beat it. CONGRATULATIONS YOUNG MAN.

  3. David Cathey says:

    Great Job and inspiring


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