HHA Optimizer Tetra Bow Sight

We stopped in to see our friends at the HHA Sports booth and found the new Optimizer Tetra bow sight. HHA is a the leader in single-pin bow sight technology. And for 2018 they unveil the next generation in their award-winning single pin line up. The new-for-2018 sight combines increased adjustability capabilities with leading-edge sight technology, making it the ultimate moveable pin sight for archers looking for the pinnacle in accuracy this season.

What Makes the Tetra so Accurate?


HHA Optimizer Tetra Sight

For starters, it has a full 2.1-inches of vertical travel with the Integrated SP-50 Infinite-Adjust Bracket. This allows for infinite adjustability to the scope housing and allows the shooter to dial in the bow to extreme levels of accuracy as well as get the most range out of the preprinted yardage tapes. The Optimizer Tetra Sight features full-brass gearing accompanied by a rack and pinion gear wheel that offers the shooter easy and smooth elevation adjustments along with unmatched durability. There is an all-new windage adjustment that allows for both major adjustments as well as micro adjustments to the sight. For those wanting unlimited perfection and accuracy, second and third axis adjustments have also been integrated into the Tetra.

The Optimizer Tetra, like other amazing HHA Sports Sights before it, features tool-free adjustability. This allows the massive amount of adjustment and accuracy to be done without the need for wrenches or other tools.


Sleek and simple, the HHA Optimizer Tetra sight is being touted as the most accurate single-pin sight yet.

As with all HHA sights, the Optimizer Tetra features the company’s patented R.D.S. (Range. Dial. Shoot.) Technology. This means, once you’re dialed in at 20 and 60 yards, you’re on target – to the yard – out to 100 yards. Once you’ve got the bow dialed in and found the corresponding preprinted yardage tape, you’re going to be on target at any distance. It’s just that simple. HHA Sports also updated the yardage wheel to a Ninja-Star Wheel design for easier operation no matter what the conditions are.

Each sight is CNC machined from aircraft-grade aluminum. The mounting bracket is a straight frame, hunter-style set up that fits all bows. The sight pin, available in .019 and .10 sizes, is protected by HHA Sports’ A.R.M.O.R. Pin technology that completely protects the pin from the harshest conditions with a CNC-machined aluminum guard. This lets you go afield with full confidence that however tough the going gets, the sight on your bow will remain as true as it was when you left the range. The adjustable rheostat feature on the scope housing controls the amount of fiber optic wrap exposed to light to ensure your pin is bright and viewed as clean and clear as possible regardless of the time of day.

The HHA Sports Optimizer Tetra will accept HHA Lens Kits and well as the 2500 Burst Light. It is available with a 1-5/8-, or a 2-inch scope housing. The new Tetra will wear a price tag of $249.99 and carry a 100% lifetime warranty.


  1. Just bought the tetra box sight, why didn’t you put the little magnifying glass on the numbered wheel like you did on the king bow sight, really is hard to see the numbers


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