HAWK Launches Ghost Game Cameras

The crew at HAWK jumps into the game camera market with the launch of their new Ghost Cam game cameras for 2018. The new lineup by Hawk takes ultra-small, Intelligence Surveillance to the next level. These cameras are incredibly small, yet pack plenty of quality and performance. The Hawk Ghost Cam’s micro-size blends into nature and helps you stay unnoticed to game and thieves alike.


Tiny size, big performance.

This pocket-size camera captures detail-packed photos and HD video clips with blazing .25s trigger speeds.  Ghost Cam’s are built with an ultra-fast, reliable image processor and HD image sensor with built-in autofocus and Xfinity LED illumination to ensure sharp, detailed high resolution photos up to 20 Megapixels.


Easy setup with your smartphone.

Hawk Ghost Cam’s take all of the guesswork out of complicated on-camera settings and are controlled using the innovative Hawk Sync APP.  With Hawk Sync control, the date and time on your Ghost Cam is automatically set, leaving only simplified camera or video settings options to the user. You can also connect with Bluetooth to capture a test view photo and check overall camera status, giving you peace of mind your camera operating to expectations.

There are  several new Ghost options available with the launch of this new lineup including the Ghost HD 16 ($109.99), the Ghost HD 16 Black ($119.99), and Ghost HD 20 ($159.99).

See more at www.hawkhunting.com.


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