Kwik Stand Bow Stand by Pine Ridge Archery

By Jonathan FassnachtOctober 25, 2017

Since 1997, Pine Ridge archery has been making products for archers from their Northern Illinois headquarters. They pride themselves that 100% of their bow accessories are made in America. They design and manufacture archery products and accessories that make hunters more succesful in their archery endeavors. In line with their vision, they came up with a a smart new twist for a clamp style bow holder that holds your bow upright instead of having to lay it down on the ground or resting it against a tree. This version is fully adjustable and fits almost all modern bows on the market. With a price tag of $19.99, this is easy to justify compared to the cost of replacing a string or damaging a cam on a rock!

The special edition USA theme Kwik Stand is available for a limited time.

Fully adjustable

The Kwik Stand is the only fully adjustable stand to adapt to most modern bows that are on the market today. Until now, archers had to buy a new clamp style bow stand to fit the limbs of their bow every time they changed bows. Especially, for bows having a thicker / wider limb, such as the Mathews Halon, the Kwik Stand can adjust from 1.28″ to 3.14 ” to the proper limb size simply with 2 allen screws.

There are a total of 4 screw adjustments to get the size fit for your bow. Also, the jaws slide in an out like clamps.

The benefits of using a bow stand such as this are mainly that it keeps your bow off the ground, and easier to retrieve. Some of the most popular uses for the product include 3D shooting, ground blind hunting, and spot and stalk situations.  The stand easily comes off of the bow when you are ready to take a shot, and can be put back on very quickly.

Some of the highlights of the Stand include

  • 11 Color Combo Choices
  • Non-Marring Jaws
  • Adjustable Jaws fits all bows that are (1.28” up to 3.14” Wide)
  • Legs Adjust for Better Stance from 4.25” to 6.00”
  • Great for Tournaments
  • Perfect for Ground or Box Blind Hunting

Front and Back of the Kwik Stand by Pine Ridge Archery.

The steps to set up and install the stand for your bow are very simple and as follows.

  1. Loosen the 2 screws to slide open the jaws.
  2. Place the Kwik Stand around the limbs by starting low on the limb.
  3. Slide to where it’s tight, then adjust jaws in.
  4. Tighten and secure with the allen wrench.


Once the stand is on the bow, the leg length should be adjusted to hold the bow at the proper angle. The popular way to install is to have the bow resting on the two legs of the stand and the the lower cam for support. These three points form the anchor points for the resting bow.

The stand utilizes the 2 points of the device and the lower cam to form 3 resting points.

The stand goes on easily and locks in place nicely with the spring action tension. It fit my Halon 32 Test bow perfectly and the patriotic colors even looked great too. It was also tested and fit the Bowtech Insanity CPX and CPXL, the Prodigy and the Experience, and even the Mathews Jewel. It definitely fits a lot more bows, but the only one tested that it didn’t fit was the Bowtech Carbon Knight.

Can I shoot with it?

It is recommended that you DO NOT shoot with this on your bow.  Recently our friends at Lancaster Archery posted this article about the potential effects of shooting with a bow stand on your bow. It is discouraged because the limbs are made to flex uninhibited and not removing it could cause damage to the limb or the cam. From their tests shooting with and without the stand on the bow, they had obvious accuracy issues when the stand was attached. Granted, it is less convenient to remove the stand on every shot, but is it worth hurting yourself or missing your target?

Slide the stand to where it rests firmly. In this example on the Mathews Halon 32, it fits right against the lower limb pocket.

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