The Snart: Greatest Deer Call in the Whitetail Woods? [VIDEO]

Call it the Snart, or call it the Sneeze-Fart. The bottom line is, it has officially been documented on a Stealth Cam. And while we’re not sure how long it will take for Primos or Knight & Hale to put these sounds into a can and get it on the store shelf, we are pretty sure this call is legit.


Have you ever heard the Snart?

Just look at how the Snart demands the attention of the other deer in the video. I mean, who wouldn’t snap their head around if their momma snarted in the woods???

Give it a look. I’ll bet it’s the funniest thing you’ll see all day. Be sure to share it with your friends and family.


Brodie Swisher

Brodie Swisher

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Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
Brodie Swisher


  1. peter george says:

    the doe just inhailed a bot fly


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