Daddy’s Little Hunter Book For Kids

The crew ran into Ben Kluge a few weeks ago at DeerFest in Wisconsin. Ben is the author of a new little children’s book called, Daddy’s Little Hunter. The book was designed to spark an interest in hunting and the outdoors in kids age 0-5. It’s a quick and simple book that your kid will enjoy, I promise. Just be prepared to read it over and over again. My little 4-year-old, Remi, got a kick out of the fact that there was a place to write in his name, customizing the story just for him.

Daddy's little hunter book

Jump start your child’s passion for hunting with the Daddy’s Little Hunter book.

Not to leave the girls out, Kluge has recently launched a girls version of the Daddy’s Little Hunter book. This first book is focused on deer hunting, but a turkey hunting version is coming soon.

Check out his website to keep up with all the latest from the new line of books, Daddy’s Little Hunter.


  1. Very good book


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