Try This Slick Trick for Uncocking Your Crossbow

By Daniel James HendricksJune 16, 2017

How many times in your life have you heard the expression, “This is the best thing since sliced bread”? I bet you’ve heard it a lot. Well guess what? For crossbow hunters, I have found the best thing since sliced bread…at least when it comes to uncocking your crossbow at the end of the hunt.

Excalibur Crossbows are designed in such a way that one can easily use a rope cocker to disarm them. The more manly crossbow hunters can just grab onto the string and hang on while pulling the trigger. And provided there are no miscues during that risky procedure, that process will effectively uncock the crossbow. But what about us folks that do not have biceps the size of our thighs, or that do not shoot a Excalibur crossbow. How do we disarm our crossbows?

xbow defuser

Looking for a better way to uncock your crossbow? Check out the Xbow Defuser.

Traditionally, the common practice in unloading your crossbow is to discharge an arrow into the ground or a target if you have one around. The ground can be brutal, especially if you hit a rock that lies hidden just under the surface. Scratch one arrow if you do. With the new muscle crossbows, you can bury your arrow so deeply into the ground that recovery suddenly becomes a serious construction project, especially if the ground is a little damp.

xbow defuser install

Attaching the Defuser to the crossbow.

Shooting into a target works well, provided you have one at your fingertips when you need it. I currently have several arrows that I cannot get out of my target that were put there by launching an arrow from a muscle bow at close range. The failure to remove them is due in part to the old age and waning muscles of my body; and arrows that are made with materials that enter the target hot and then become part of the target as they quickly cool, making them extremely difficult to extract. I am quite sure that you all know what I am writing about.

Now enter the “greatest thing since sliced bread” for disarming a crossbow – The Xbow Defuser. And this little beauty is indeed a work of art. The Xbow Defuser is a mechanical device that allows one to quickly and safely lower the string of their crossbow in the field. It currently comes in the three following models.

Standard Model – Fits most compound or recurve crossbows except Barnett Ghost models or TenPoint Crossbows with the SDS added to them.
Universal Model – Fits most compound or recurve crossbows including the Barnett Ghost models or TenPoint Crossbows with the SDS added to them. Be sure to check location of accessory brackets. Some may interfere with the Defuser. If your accessories interfere with the Standard Defuser you may need to purchase the Universal adaptor that allows you to increase or decrease the width between the front forks or remove the accessory for proper use.

Scorpyd Model – This will only work on Scorpyd crossbows and will not work on any other reverse draw crossbows.

uncocking crossbow

Uncocking a crossbow is now as simple and quiet as turning a knob.

The complete instructions for safely using the Xbow Defuser are printed on the back of each package and begin with the following warning… one that should be strictly adhered to by everyone that purchases the unit.

WARNING – – – Do not try to use the Xbow Defuser until you read and fully understand the process of installing and defusing your crossbow. DO NOT try to make your Xbow Defuser work on a crossbow without a flight groove barrel, or on a crossbow without an anti-dry fire mechanism. Please view the instructional video demo of the Xbow Defuser at www.crossbowdefuser.com. It shares how the unit is properly installed and crossbow safely defused. Always inspect your Xbow Defuser prior to using for any damaged, bent, or broken parts.

The Xbow Defuser allows you to uncock your bow safely and without the game-spooking noise of firing it into the ground or a target at the end of your hunt. It’s a great tool that every crossbow hunter should consider adding to his or her arsenal this season.




Daniel James Hendricks
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