Daniel James Hendricks

Daniel James Hendricks
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Black Bear Hunting With a Crossbow

Dan Hendricks reflects back on a special bear hunt as he anxiously awaits the arrival of spring black bear hunting season.

Hendricks’ Mission Sub-1 Crossbow Critique

Dan Hendricks gives us his critique on the new Sub-1 crossbow from Mission Crossbows.

Excalibur Micro Suppressor Crossbow Review

Here's a review of the Excalibur Micro Suppressor crossbow including photos, specs and product details.

xbow defuser
Try This Slick Trick for Uncocking Your Crossbow

Looking for a safer and quieter way to uncock your crossbow? Check out the new Xbow Defuser for one of the safest ways to uncock a crossbow.

quiver and arrows
Hunting Is All About Timing

Hunt long enough and you'll realize that timing is everything when it comes to bowhunting deer. Dan Hendricks shares how timing paid off for him.

turkey flock in field
Be Careful What You Say When Turkey Hunting

Be careful what you say when it comes to confidence in your turkey hunting ability. Sometimes it will come back to bite you.

Which Broadheads Work Best for Crossbows?

Which broadheads work best for crossbows? Here's a look at why some work better than others and some of the top broadheads on the market.

Buffalo Point Combo Hunt

I can't help but get caught up in the anticipation of success and making new memories as the annual rut draws near each year at Buffalo Point.

Mission MXB Sniper Lite Crossbow Review

Looking for a new crossbow? Check out this review of the Mission MXB Sniper Lite, including photos and specs for this unique bow.

The Crossbow: A 30.06 That Shoots an Arrow

Even with the greater power available in the newest crossbows coming off the assembly line today, there are still major limitations.

Crossbow Longbeards

Granted, with a shotgun the hunter has multiple projectiles with each round and more than one round, but the single projectile from a crossbow is deadly accurate, going exactly where it is aimed far beyond the range of the typical 12 gauge.

Crossbows: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

What is one to look for when purchasing his or her very first crossbow?

TenPoint Stealth FX4 Crossbow Review

When the Stealth FX4 arrived at my doorstep, I swooped her up and took her to my office where I unpacked the box, laid out all of her components and then began to carefully assemble my new girl-friend.

Crossbow Critique by the Crossbow Tramp

While at the ATA show studying the five new Excalibur bows for 2015 in an effort to determine which one I was going to have a fling with in the field, Ryan Hawking, Excal's PR guy asked me if I would consider spending that private time with the Matrix Cub.

That’s Why It’s Called Hunting!

The story of a group of bowhunters who travel to Wyoming in pursuit of antelope - only to come home empty handed.

Simple Duplication – How To Save Hunting

The plight of the modern hunter is at high risk. Writers write about it, preachers preach about it but exactly what is being done about it?

The Crossbow: A 30-06 That Shoots Arrows?

Even with the greater power available in the newest crossbows coming off the assembly line, there are major limitations that the person interested in picking up the crossbow should be fully aware of.

Hendricks With His Black Bear
Ground Blinds, Crossbows and Black Bears

The excitement and the thrill of seeing a large black bear virtually and silently materialize out of the thick underbrush is an unforgettable experience,

Charge of the Bright Brigade

It is my experience that most hunters who have taken a swipe at the wild turkey, regardless of what kind of a legal weapon is used, consider it to be an addicting, exciting pastime worthy of the time, effort and expense required to bring home such a small dab of, most often, quite chewy, white […]

Shot Placement When Bowhunting for Turkeys

Hunting turkey with archery equipment requires process shot placement. Learn more about where to aim when hunting with both the crossbow as well as the vertical bow.