Mossy Oak: No. 1 Camo?

By Bow StaffJanuary 21, 20171 Comment

What’s the best camo on the market? That’s a question that has fueled hunting camp arguments for decades. But a recent report shows that Mossy Oak is doing alright.

Mossy Oak introduced Break-Up Country in 2015. It is a camouflage pattern not only meant to keep you concealed on the hunt, but to keep you connected to the outdoors lifestyle. Since its launch, Break-Up Country has outsold all previous Mossy Oak patterns and has become America’s No. 1 camo pattern.

Mossy Oak Logo

According to True North Outdoor Marketing (2016), Break-Up Country is the leading pattern of choice for footwear, apparel, firearms and archery equipment compared to other universal camo patterns in the hunting industry. Southwick Associates, for two years running, reports that Mossy Oak is the camo brand of choice for hunters.

Break-Up Country is the most successful pattern launch in Mossy Oak’s 30-year history, surpassing the previous best-seller by 50 percent.

Mossy Oak Country

The Mossy Oak Break-Up Country pattern is versatile for a variety of landscapes.

“The success of Break-Up Country is a result of our company-wide efforts in delivering a strategy that positions Mossy Oak as one of the premier brands in the outdoors industry, combined with the longstanding reputation of the Break-Up brand as an effective, universal camo pattern,” said Chris Paradise, chief sales officer at Mossy Oak. “We have invested in our business processes, services and people and the success of Break-Up Country affirms that it’s paying off.”

In 2015, Mossy Oak’s extensive field testing resulted in the development of a revolutionary pattern that can truly be effective no matter where, or when, you hunt. Break-Up Country features a variety of elements found throughout North America and was designed with an equal focus on blending in and breaking up the human outline. In addition, the elements are true to nature’s size and provide the perfect amount of depth and shadowing, which make the pattern adaptable to a number of hunting situations and light periods throughout the day. So, no matter where you hunt, becoming a part of your surroundings won’t be a problem anywhere across the country.

For more information, visit www.mossyoak.com.

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