Stealth Cam G45NG Pro Review

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I would venture to say that most bow hunters are in some way utilizing trail camera technology to monitor deer herds, specific bucks, and even property intruders. The trail camera market continues to explode with new advances and new companies, but here is a new 2016 camera from Stealth Cam. You may not know that Stealth Cam introduced their first trail camera to market back in 2000, and since then have continued to be industry leaders. In 2009 they introduced the first High Definition (HD) Video capable trail camera. Today, we are so used to HD, that we laugh at the idea of anything else! However, one of the biggest breakthroughs for this company was back in 2010 when they introduced their new camera technology called TRIAD. This technology allowed their camera to perform three functions: High Res Still image, Video, and Time lapse capability. The new (No Glo) Stealth Cam STC-G45NG pro for 2016 is built on the foundation of Stealth Cam’s success. It is smaller, lighter, and more capable than anything they have done before.



This is everything included with the camera. Camera, nylon strap, instructions, sticker, and accessory flyer.

The package comes with the camera, a nylon strap to mount it, the instruction manual, an optional accessory insert, and a stealth cam sticker. There is a small molded hole in the back of the camera that allows for a python cable lock.

The G45NG Pro is 10% smaller than the (non-pro) model and has a dull matte camo. The camera also sees upgrades to include a DVR new mode, the ability to adjust the picture range, and an optional security code. Also, the the G45NG (non-pro) uses 12 AA batteries and has a video viewing screen. The G45NG Pro takes 8 AA batteries and has NO video viewing screen built in.

I was initially drawn to how compact this camera was. I am so thankful that cameras on the market today are ¼ of the size of the old ones. This makes transport easier and makes it more difficult for people to spot in the woods. The finish on the front of the camera is a dull matte camo dip. The back is olive green. The bottom cover swings open from right to left to allow access into the panel and battery compartment.


The G45NG Pro measures 5.5 inches tall x 3.5 inches wide 2.5 inches deep. It weighs 1 lb 2 oz with batteries.

Set up.


14 MegaPixel, HD Video up to 180 sec, <.5 second trigger, 45 NO GlOW IR Emitters, 100 Ft range.

The camera was very easy to set up. Honestly, it was one of the easiest I have done. There is also a scannable QR code on the inside of the hinged cover that takes you to the When I scanned the barcode, it took me to their website but I couldn’t find the Quick start video. 


The instruction manuals are available on the website directly, but I was able to find a G series quick start video easily on Youtube. Here is a link to the quick set up on youtube from Stealth Cam. LINK

Setting up the date, time, functions from the “custom” button is very easy. The menu button easily sends the camera into setup mode where the following options are present.



Time Zone

Time Format (12/24 hr)

Mode ( Photo, video, time-lapse)

Operating Hours (24/7 or between x and y hrs)

Photo Resolution (2, 4, 8, 14 mp)

PIR Delay (default is 5 sec)

PIR Range (standard, extended, near field)

Reduce Blur (advanced or standard)

Photo Burst (1-9 pics)

Camera Name

Temperature (C / F)

Info Bar (on / off)

DVR Mode

Lat / Long

Factory Reset

Security Key

Format Card


SW Upgrade (software)

Inserting the 8 AA batteries was very easy. The eject button is on the bottom right hand corner of the camera and pops the battery tray open easily. The camera can run on 8 AA batteries or an additional 12 volt battery source accessory. Users can either put 8 alkaline or lithium AA batteries into the tray. For the highest performance and longevity of the batteries, use lithium batteries. A lot of people just use alkaline batteries, because they are cheaper and do the job just fine.

As you can see, the camera holds 8 AA batteries. The black button on the bottom right of the camera releases the battery tray.

As you can see, the camera holds 8 AA batteries. The black button on the bottom right of the camera releases the battery tray.

One thing about Stealth Cam cameras that is pretty cool, is their Quick set programing modes 1,2 and 3. If you aren’t familiar, it is a fast way to set the camera to an operational mode for taking pics or video without having to get in the programming options to set it up. Obviously, you still want to set up the date time preferences of the camera, but when you want to put it in the field Quick Set 1,2, 3 are handy. The settings are as follows.


Stealth Cam added the backlit display which makes low light setting / programming much easier.

Q1 – Photo…8MP…30 S delay…3 photo burst

Q2 – Photo…8MP…30 S delay…Single photo

Q3 – Video…720p w/audio…30 S delay…10 seconds in length

The custom mode allows the user to program any combination of video, photo, or time lapse settings.

General use overview

In today’s trail camera market, a lot of features are common that we see with this camera as well including the still photo, video, and time lapse options. Most cameras have a 60 to 100 ft range. This one has a range of up to 100 feet.

This Stealth Cam has another function called DVR mode which enables the user to override pictures on the camera card if it fills up. We are seeing this on other cameras as well. This mode is optional but would be very beneficial if the camera is being used as a security trail camera. The price point at $149 is basically par for the course as most quality cameras today are on the market for between $129-$199. This seems to be the sweet spot, but there are obviously cameras priced much higher such as reconyx ($549) and much lower such as Primos Easy cam ($49).

In general all of the competing trail cameras are the same general size, take similar battery configurations, and deliver high resolution images 10-14 MP. The Quick Set programming is one thing that sets this camera apart from the rest.

I did find while using the camera that if I had it turned off for an extended period of time I had to reset the date / time settings. I researched online, and learned that Stealth Cam frequently updates their firmware on their website and this often fixes bugs like this. So, I downloaded the instructions and firmware patch to an sd card and installed it on the camera. I must say, it was a lot more simple than I thought, and this seems to have fixed the issue. One other flaw that I did find was that if I changed the setting button very fast from Q1 to Q3 to custom etc., the camera screen would go blank on me. Now, I was changing setting unnecessarily fast, but after a few weeks, this seemed to fix the problem.


One thing that stood out to me about this camera specifically was how nice the LED backlight screen function was, and the ability to set a password lock on the camera, that would render the camera useless if stolen


The Trigger Speed on camera mode is roughly 0.45 seconds.

I put the camera to the test with my son riding his bike at 3 speeds (Slow, Medium, Super Fast) which I thought to be very similar to a big buck chasing a doe perpendicular to the front of the camera. To be honest, I was impressed at the clarity, quickness, and consistency of the 0.45 second trigger. It is easy to see the cameras consistency from the 3 bike speeds. He rode past 3 times and below are the photos going faster every time. The camera was able to snap a clear shot every time. Distance was about 10 yards. 


Test 1 Slow Speed


Test 2 Medium Speed


Test 3 Super Fast Speed – still couldn’t beat the trigger!

Here is my unsuspecting neighbor cruising by at about 20 mph during our Bike / Camera Trigger Speed Test.


Stealth Cam got a perfect shot. (Photo not cropped or altered in any way). Impressed.

I tested the camera’s pick up distance in daytime and night time and this is what I found. Impressively close to the said pick up 100 feet range. here is a night time photo that measured 80 ft with 70% battery


One challenge I had doing the review, was not knowing when the camera took a picture! The NO GLO really means NO GLO.

I also tested the camera on video mode during the day and night and it was impressively sensitive and captured a mouse, chipmunk, and bird in my garden.

Below is a screen shot of the video took of this mouse that triggered the camera within 1 yard.

Below is a screen shot of the video took of this mouse on the right hand side that triggered the motion detector within 1 yard.

Here are 3 amazing pictures from a ProStaff member in Northern Minnesota with the G45NG Pro camera on “Custom” settings at 14MP and 6 shot burst…and yes that is a wolf, not a coyote.




Time lapse

I really like the time-lapse mode option. I see this being very useful to pinpoint exact movement times / locations especially over a food plot or crop field. I like this also, because the camera can be mounted high in a tree and angled down to capture field movement. The Time lapse setting allows you to set it to take pictures from every 5 seconds to 59 minutes 59 seconds. When I tested it, I had it on 2 min spacing. Be aware that batteries may wear down faster when using this setting. Also, it hosts a setting to override the time-lapse if something triggers the motion detector.

stealth-cam-tl-2 stealth-cam-tl-3

In conclusion the Stealth Cam G45NG Pro is a compact little camera with awesome features that doesn’t break the bank. This camera is defintely  one of my favorites that I have tested because of the trigger speed, durability, and 365 day limited warranty from Stealth Cam.

Here are a few of the accessories available from Stealth Cam.


12 Volt Battery Kit $69.99


Security box $49.99


Python Cable $19.99



Competing products.


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