Levi Morgan Returns to Mathews

Ten-time Shooter of the Year, Levi Morgan, returns to Mathews’ Pro Staff more confident than ever.

There’s been rumors brewing all fall over the new bow sponsor direction for Levi and Samantha Morgan.

levi morgan

“When you’re competing at this level, consistency is everything.”

I first heard the buzz back in September while on a New Mexico elk hunt. The suspense continued to build throughout the 2016 hunting season when none of their kill photos seemed to feature a bow.

There was plenty of speculation and gossip in the air. But finally, an announcement was made.

“When you’re competing at this level, consistency is everything. I need to go into every tournament knowing my bow will hold its tune.” says Morgan. “That’s what I had with Mathews for 15 years. They make the best-tuning, most accurate bows in the world.”

Born and raised in Rosman, North Carolina, Morgan began competing in archery tournaments at age six. Since first signing with Mathews at age 18, he has become one of the most decorated archers of all-time. His long list of accomplishments includes 8 World Championships, 40 National Championships, 10 Shooter of the Years, 3 Triple Crowns, and 10 World Records.

“I was super impressed with Mathews’ new target bows,” says Morgan, “I shot perfect scores on my first three rounds shooting the new TRX, which has made me more confident than ever going into this season.”

Morgan, and his wife Samantha, return to Mathews’ dominant Pro Staff just one month after 5-time World Cup Champion, Jesse Broadwater, also joined the team shooting the new TRX. “Levi Morgan is the best 3D shooter of this century and we’re excited to have him back,” says Mathews Pro Staff Manager, Derek Phillips. “I think it speaks volumes to what we have created for our new target line. It’s catching a lot of attention from the best competitors in target archery.”

levi morgan

Levi Morgan will be back in a Mathews when he steps on the range this season.

The Morgans also return to Mathews’ Hunting Pro Staff, hosting the Sportsman Channel’s show, “Name the Game”. On the hunting side, Morgan is shooting the new Halon 32®, while Samantha is shooting the 2017 AVAIL, Mathews’ all-new women’s bow.

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