Add Motion with the Rinehart Doloma Deer Decoy

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The best drama I’ve experienced in the deer woods has always revolved around a deer decoy. You see and hear things when using a deer decoy you’ll rarely hear otherwise. But decoys are a gamble. Some days they work like magic. Other days they’ll scare a buck into the next county. But when it happens right, there is nothing like it. I honestly believe the make or break tactic for using decoys is adding movement. And no other decoy on the market allows you to add motion to your deer decoy like the new Rinehart Doloma Doe Decoy. Here’s the skinny on this exciting new deer decoy.

Doloma Doe Decoy

On my first hunt with the decoy, this young buck marched in for a closer look at the Doloma Doe.

rinehart doloma doe decoy

Here’s what the decoy looked like from the buck’s perspective.

First Impressions on the Doloma Decoy

The Doloma Doe Decoy is lightweight and packable. It breaks down easy for storage and ease of packing in the included stuff sack. I like the fact that the decoy is built with a foam body. It’s nearly silent compared to the hard, plastic body decoys of the past. Hollow plastic body decoys seem to amplify the sound of every contact it makes in the woods. Your bow, brush, limbs, and other gear slapping the side of a plastic decoy is frustrating and is a game-spooking unnatural noise. You won’t find that with the Doloma Doe. It’s super quiet.

Doloma Doe Decoy

A decoy is the perfect tool to help close the distance, bringing your buck to within bow range.

Easy Setup

The decoy is not only easy on the ears, it’s also easy to setup. The legs essentially fit like a puzzle. The easy on – easy off concept is really quiet and very simple to setup. You simply slide the legs into place. The neck and head are also easily attached in a matter of seconds. The decoy is anchored with a steel stake that inserts on the belly side of the body.

rinehart doloma doe

The Doloma Deer Decoy breaks down quick and quiet.

Easy to Pack

There’s several options for toting this decoy to the stand. The decoy is light enough to carry through the woods already assembled. You can simply tuck it under your arm and take off.

doloma deer decoy

Lighweight and packable, the Doloma decoy is pretty slick.

As previously mentioned, the decoy also breaks down easy, and it stores nice and compact in an included black stuff sack. A single strap makes the decoy bag easy to throw over your shoulder or around your neck for a simple pack into your stand. Again, because of Rinehart’s quiet foam design, there is no rattling and clanking while carrying this decoy in and out of the woods. The steel stake is the only potentially noisy item if it were to come into contact with your bow, treestand, etc.

Doloma doe decoy

Like a puzzle piece, the decoy legs slides into place for a solid fit and secure hold once you’re at your stand site.

Realism with the Doloma Deer Decoy

With its award-winning sculpture design, the Doloma series will grab and hold the attention of approaching game longer. It’s got curves and tone in the body that really give the decoy a great look. Again, not just another plain, hard plastic decoy. Of course, the ability for this decoy to move its neck and head, takes it to the next level when it comes to realism.

doloma doe decoy

The realism built into this decoy begins with a neck that can pivot.

doloma doe decoy

The head also spins giving this decoy realism like no other decoy on the market.

Final Thoughts on the Doloma Deer Decoy

There’s really not much to dislike about these deer decoys. You do need to make sure the decoy stake is level or it will spin the decoy into an unnatural position. I love the fact that fishing line strung back to your ground blind or treestand allows you to spin and move this decoy with the slightest tug. It helps for those days when there’s not enough wind to make the decoy spin on its own.

The Doloma Doe Decoy is my favorite for most setups, but the decoy line also includes a buck decoy with antlers featuring a magnetic attachment design. The buck decoy has a bowed-up posture with ears laid back to spur on a fight with the local bucks. Doe decoy/$149 – Buck decoy/$169.

The Doloma series also includes antelope and coyote decoys. See them all at



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