Pearce’s IL Buck

By Bow StaffNovember 11, 20162 Comments

Bowhunt or Die team member, Mike Pearce, has been putting his time in with his kiddos this year in an effort to get his daughter, Audrey, on her first deer. He really wanted her to strike before he attempted to kill a deer for himself. But, with the rut on and Audrey in school Mike slipped off to the woods to try and make a move on a buck he’d been seeing on trail camera. Mike shares the story here…

I got to the property about an hour and a half before sunrise. I am hunting a small 10-acre piece of property that is just a pass-through for the deer. I checked my Stealth Cam and saw that the bucks finally started following the does through the area, so I planned on setting up my doe decoy and making a sit. As I walked down the draw to my stand, I dragged some Tink’s 69 in an effort to pull bucks my way. I got to the stand and put my decoy in place.
mike pearce il buck

The girls are really proud of daddy’s deer.

It wasn’t long and I had a hot doe come down the trail about 50 yards away from me. I looked back and saw a buck following her. I bleated twice, grunted once, and pulled him right over to the decoy. He kept looking at it but was confused. He then started to turn around to go back to his doe. But before he did, he came in for one last fatal look.
I drew back and sent a Carnivore arrow right through him. My arrow stuck in the ground about six feet past where he was standing. He jumped and then slowly walked off to die within 30 yards of where I shot him. I noticed the doe was still standing there as well as another small buck that had come in. Once they cleared the area I got down to retrieve my deer. Once on the ground, I had what I thought was a doe walking towards me. It turned out it was some kind of goofy racked buck. It stood there starring at me – at 15 yards. It was one of the most epic hunts I’ve had in years!
Be sure to watch Mike’s hunt on an upcoming episode of Bowhunt or Die.
broken Il buck

This goofy-racked buck walked up on Mike and starred him down as he retrieved the buck he had just killed.

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