World Series Whitetail for Music

By Bow StaffNovember 4, 20161 Comment

After a late night watching Game 7 of the World Series, Bowhunt or Die prostaffer, Richie Music, made good on a mid-day encounter with one of his hit-list bucks. He shares his story here…

Yesterday was truly a day I will never forget. I woke up late from watching the Cubs win the World Series the night before. The alarm went off at 5:30am, but I turned it off and went back to bed. When I woke back up again at 8:00am I made plans to hit the woods for a mid-day hunt and sit until dark. I drove to the farm to check a few cameras and low and behold the Droptine  9 walked right by my stand at 6:58am. And where was I? At home in bed. So off to the tree I went. I climbed up, set up all my cameras and had just sat down to film my opening interview when I looked up to see a giant rack moving thru the timber 150yds away. I quickly spun the camera around and started getting ready. I gave him 2 soft grunts, and he stopped in his tracks. He looked my direction for 10 seconds and started to continue his walk away. I quickly reached into my pocket and grabbed my estrous bleat can call and gave him two bleats. He instantly turned on a dime and headed for the tree. He hung up at a log jam about 65 yards out. He stood like a statue for what felt like an eternity and then slowly turned his head and started to walk away again. I grabbed the grunt and gave him a deep, long grunt. He turned and came on a full trot thru the thickest brush I’ve ever seen. I knew it was about to happen. I quickly scanned ahead to find my opening. Sure enough, he was walking straight towards it. I came to full draw as he stepped into my lane at 25 yards. The arrow flew true and upon impact he exploded and ran to 37 yards, stopped, and just tipped over.


A late night watching the Cubs win the World Series meant that Music would hunt mid-day on the following day. It was a move that paid off big.

I had finally done it! A true monster specimen of a whitetail was mine! This is a hunt I’ve imagined in my mind for over 25 years now. I want to give a huge thanks to my step-father, Jim, and my uncle, Dennis, for introducing me to deer hunting. They lit a passion that will burn for many many years. The buck green scored 164 4/8″, and I already have a spot for him on the wall.

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