Best Replaceable Blade Knives

By Brodie SwisherOctober 14, 2016

Replaceable blade knives have been the rage among hunters in recent years. It seems that these razor sharp knives are popping up more and more all the time. And understandably so. They make life simple when it comes to cleaning big game animals after the kill. Sure, nothing will ever take the place of that trusty old pocket knife that you carry around like grandpa did. But when it comes to quick, clean and simple skinning of game, few knives can make the cut like surgically sharp, replaceable blade knives. Here’s a look at five of the most popular replaceable blade knives on the market today.

Wiebe Vixen

The new Vixen knife from Wiebe was designed to be the most user-friendly knife ever made. Their mantra is, “Don’t Fight the Knife.” The Vixen features a folding, replaceable-blade design sporting a surgical-grade scalpel for a long-lasting and consistent edge to work with. When you finally do wear down a blade, you simply dispose of the old blade, and add a new one.

When open, the Vixen measures 7.5 inches and sports a featherweight, ergonomic handle for comfortable use on long jobs. The knife comes with 24 replacement blades. ($34.95)

Wiebe Vixen

The Wiebe Vixen looks as good as it cuts.

Browning Speed Load

The crew at Browning feels like they finally have the replaceable blade knife that’s done right. I was introduced to this knife on a recent elk hunt in New Mexico, and I really liked what I saw, as well as the options it provides. The Speed Load features a design that makes it easy to swap out blades, yet keeps you free and safe from accidental release of the blade while in use. This knife also has a high-quality handle, just like you would find on other Browning folding knives, for smooth and easy handling. Even better, there’s a variety of different blade options that come standard with this knife. ($39.99)

browning speed load knife

The Browning Speed Load feels great in the hand and has plenty of blade options.

Outdoor Edge Razor-Lite

The Razor-Lite from Outdoor Edge features blades that change safely and easily at the push of a button. The black-oxide coated blade holder supports the razor-blade for the strength of a standard knife and sharpness of a surgeon’s scalpel. The 3.5” stainless razor-blades are precisely heat treated and hand finished shaving-sharp. You’ll find a solid grip on this knife due to the fact that the rubberized handles are mounted to sturdy stainless steel liners for unparalleled strength and a non-slip grip even when wet. The knife is available with a black handle and black nylon sheath or a blaze-orange handle with Mossy Oak camo sheath. The Razor-Lite comes with six replacement blades. ($49.95)

outdoor edge razor-lite

The Razor-Lite is one of the many great products from Outdoor Edge.

Gerber Vital Pocket Folder

The Vital Pocket Folder is the folding version of the original Vital Fixed Blade Knife. This knife was designed to be one of the safest replaceable blade options on the market. This is a knife that works fast and is easy on the hands, and when the blade is burned out, it can be replaced easily on the fly. As with the other knives on our list, no tools are required for blade replacement. Never get caught in the middle of skinning with a dull knife blade again. ($49)


Havalon Forge

Havalon set the bar pretty high in the early days of surgical replacement blade knives.

havalon forge replaceable blade knives

A good thing just got better with the new Havalon Forge.

They do things right when it comes to this category of knives. And the only negative thing I’ve ever heard about their knives came from users wanting a bigger handle on the knife. The company answered the demand with one of their latest offerings. The Havalon Forge was built to give users a grip that is unmatched by any other Havalon. This knife has an overall length of 7 7/8 inches and also features ambidextrous thumb studs. The rubberized handle is the first of its kind featuring the Quik-Change removable blade system. With a more advanced tread and a large finger guard, the Havalon Forge will give users more control than ever before. The knife comes with 6 additional stainless steel blades. ($54.99)

Be sure to give these replaceable blade knives a look this season when you find yourself looking for a new knife. The knives mentioned above will no doubt make the cut.

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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