Opening Day Success in KY

By Bow StaffSeptember 5, 20164 Comments

Deer season is finally here, and several of the BHOD team members found opening day success in KY.

The 2016 deer season officially got under way this past weekend in Kentucky, and several of the BHOD pro-staff hit the woods in an effort to punch a few early season tags.

Tim Conley battled the heat while hunting an old friend’s farm for the opener. Despite the warm weather, Tim saw several velvet bucks and does with fawns 75 yards out. When a lone doe finally came by at 33 yards later in the  morning, Tim dropped the string.

tim conley doe

This is Tim’s first year as a retired man, and he’s wasting no time in punching deer tags.

Josh Sturgill got right to business in kicking off his 16/17 deer season in KY as well. Josh has been overcoming a recent knee injury and had to make last minute stand changes to allow him to even be able to hunt this fall. “I had to reconfigure all my tree stands and put ground blinds in those locations,” Sturgill says. “Unfortunately I did it only two weeks ago. I was pretty nervous about the fact that I may not see anything.”

Josh had 3 does and a button buck come in early. The lead doe hung around in Josh’s shooting lane a little too long, offering an easy 20 yard shot. After the shot, the doe ran just 45 yards. Josh’s opening morning hunt lasted just 25 minutes.

sturgill doe

Torn meniscus? No problem. Josh limped his way to the stand for a quick hunt.

Be sure to watch for these hunts, and many more, as the 2016 Bowhunt or Die deer season unfolds at

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