Trail Cameras Rigged With Explosives?

By Bow StaffJune 15, 20163 Comments

Our friends at shared the story of one man’s (or woman’s) attempt to get even on trail camera theft. You could say he/she is taking extreme measures to get even…and then some. friend, and Realtree editor, Josh Honeycutt shares the story…

stealth cam on tree

Help KY police find the one using trail cameras rigged with explosives. Honeycutt

I’ll kick this off by saying I’ve had trail cameras stolen on numerous occasions. Thieves have taken just my SD card. They’ve taken cameras I didn’t have locked. The low-lifes have even stolen my cameras that were secured to trees with log chains.

Needless to say, trail camera theft is a growing problem for hunters. And quite frankly, we’re all tired of it.

But rigging trail cameras with explosives? Well, that’s a new one. And someone is taking trail-cam crime to a whole new level.

According to WYMT Mountain News, Kentucky State Police are investigating a case where explosive devices were found in game cameras. A WYMT staff writer wrote, “Kentucky State Police is investigating a case involving game, or hunting, cameras with explosive devices inside. They say the cameras are placed throughout wooded areas in Harlan County. KSP is asking anyone with information about who is putting the explosives in the cameras to contact them immediately.”

I’ve always compared checking my trail cameras to the likes of Christmas morning.

But a booby-trapped camera is one big surprise I’d want no part of.

Makes me hesitant to pull that next SD card. You know what I’m sayin’?

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