Fin-Finder Poseidon Bowfishing Bow Review

By Brodie SwisherMarch 10, 2016
Poseidon bowfishing bow from Fin-Finder

The Poseidon is a compound bow designed specifically for bowfishing.

Fin-Finder is a new brand which has quickly established itself as one of the key players in the bowfishing industry.  With a product line to outfit just about any bowfishing adventure, whether you’re a novice or a hard core tournament fisher, Fin-Finder has something for you.  After several years of watching the Poseidon bowfishing bow grow in popularity among the bowfishing community, I finally had the opportunity to lay hands on one for myself. The Fin-Finder Poseidon bow is at the forefront of a unique product line with looks to kill and performance to get the job done on big fish, no matter where the adventure takes you.

Out of the Package

The packaging for the Poseidon bow is sharp, clean, and simple. Thanks to the open package design you have the opportunity to lay hands on the bow to get an honest feel for how this bow fits in the hand before you buy it. The bow is pretty much ready to rock right out of the package. Just add your favorite reel and arrow rest, and you’re ready to hit the water.

Fin-Finder Poseidon Bow Specs

The Poseidon is a 31” axle-to-axle bow which is not too short and not too long. In my opinion it’s a great size which provides plenty of maneuverability as you scramble in the boat with tight shots. The bow features a 25-40 pound draw weight range, allowing you to shoot on the light side if you like, or to go heavy when you need the extra punch for big fish and deeper shots. The Poseidon fits virtually everyone with a draw length range that spans from 25 to 31 inches.

First Impressions

The bow honestly feels really good in the hand right out of the package. It’s light. And while I like a light bow, I’m often leery of one that’s too light. If it feels like a toy, it often breaks like a toy. So I was surprised when I first drew the bow back. Its no lightweight! This is a man’s bow through and through.  Sure, the bow can be cranked down to fit kids and ladies, but the Fin-Finder Poseidon has the draw weight and punch that the biggest of men will appreciate as well.

Poseidon bowfishing camo bow

The camo design of the bow is edgy, yet classy. It sets it apart as a bowfishing specific bow, and gives it some attitude as well.

Poseidon bow resting on Rinehart carp target

This Rinehart carp target may not be the real thing, but it’s only a matter of time before a more than a few fish meet the business end of an arrow thanks to this bowfishing bow.

Key Features of the Poseidon Bow

The Poseidon features Parallel Limb Technology and an advanced split-limb system which brings modern bow design to the bowfishing world. The result is increased shoot-ability and performance. The limbs are solid, dependable, and can easily handle the rigors of a long night on the water.

Poseidon bow limbs

The digital gray camo pattern on the limbs mixes nicely with the blue Fin-Finder Camo design.

With all the punishment and abuse that comes with a long night on the water, coupled with the fact that finger-shooting is the standard when it comes to shooting fish, bowfishing bows are often subject to derailing. Fin-Finder addressed this issue from the start with their Poseidon Cam.

Fin-Finder Poseidon bow cam

This cam design was built specifically with the bowfisher in mind, featuring deep cam grooves to prevent derailing, even with finger-shooting, and snap shots being the norm.


Poseidon bow riser & grip

The Wave Riser Design eliminates vibration and oscillation to give the shooter all-day (or night) shooting comfort. No hand-shock…no problems. It’s a very shooter-friendly riser design and looks similar to the bridged riser design seen on Hoyt, Martin and other popular hunting and target bows. Poseidon’s Ergo No-Slip Grip fits comfortably in your hand. The “tacky” grip keeps the bow where it needs to be in your hand regardless of the wet and slimy conditions that typically come with bowfishing.

Poseidon riser mounting holes

You’ll also find ample options for mounting accessories. The bow has four holes, instead of tw0, for mounting your reel, sight, or other accessories exactly where you want them.

Poseidon limb bolt & pocket

The stainless steel hardware featured on the Poseidon will give you years of trouble-free use, remaining corrosion free.

Fin-Finder Poseidon limb pocket from side

The limb pockets are solid, tight, and well protected to keep you in the game despite the abuse your bow will endure in the boat.

Poseidon cable slide

The bow’s premium pre-stretched string and cables have a color scheme that matches the bow well and provides optimal speed and longevity. The strings, coupled with a Premium Teflon Cable Slide, round things out for a super-smooth drawing bowfishing bow.

What Reel For the Poseidon?

The Poseidon easily accommodates a variety of bowfishing reels. The AMS Retriever Reel matches the bow nicely and is a great fool-proof option that mounts right on the bow’s riser.


The spinner style reels such as Muzzy, Archenemy, Shakespere Ti20, and others will fit nicely on this bow as well. Mounted in the bow’s stabilizer hole, spinner reels offer some of the smoothest shooting and fastest arrow retrieval on the market.


Poseidon with mounted arrow rest

The Poseidon easily accommodates a wide variety of arrow rests including Fin-Finder’s Hydro Glide Pro.

Unloaded, the Poseidon weighs in at just 3.2 pounds. When I added an AMS bottle reel and Fin-Finder arrow rest, the bow still only hit the scale at 4.6 pounds. It weighed slightly more with the Muzzy reel. Fin-Finder Poseidon on bow scaleIt’s a nice and light package, regardless of what reel option you choose.  At this time, the Poseidon is only available in a right hand option.

Fin-Finder is also offering the Poseidon in a Pro package that comes with an arrow rest, arrow, finger savers, and AMS Retriever Reel.  The package deals are a great option for folks who are just getting started with bowfishing and aren’t sure exactly which products to buy.  These bowfishing packages include everything you need to get started at a very affordable price.

Speaking of which I found the Poseidon on-line at priced at just $240.44. That’s a price that’ll be hard to beat no matter what bow you’re after.


Fin-Finder’s goal is to make bowfishing easier, as well as more fun and accessible for everyone. In my opinion they’ve done just that with the introduction of their Poseidon Bowfishing Compound Bow. The product line offered by the Fin-Finder family will keep you outfitted well, regardless of whether you’re fishing from the bank or boat.

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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