Quick Look at the Last Chance Archery Draw Board

By Gary ElliottNovember 30, 2015

The fine folks at Last Chance Archery (LCA) continue to make life easier for bow technicians, as well as anyone that wants to dabble with their own bow gear. One of LCA’s latest creations is their Draw Board. This simple, but very practical, piece of gear is a great addition to any archer’s garage or shop.

Here’s a closer look at the LCA Draw Board…


In The Box

Well, you get the handle/gear mechanism for drawing your bow, along with the hook up for attaching to your D-loop and a safety string in case the d-loop breaks, the post to set the riser against, band to hold the bow in place and wedges to assure a good fit into your LCA press


Simple InstallBow Shop-16 (Medium)

Installation of the draw board was quick and painless. With a screwdriver or knife, you simply take out the black end pieces on your press, then slide your Draw Board into place on each end of your press.  Consider ahead of time which direction you want your bow facing prior to setting the parts into place. The Draw Board works equally well for right or left handed bows.

You can switch but you need to take the draw unit apart and switch it around to do so. If either side feels wobbly use the enclosed wedges to shim it up. You are now ready to try out your new draw board.

Bow Shop-18 (Medium)Please note there are two versions of the draw board. #1 Attaches to both of their Ultimate EZ Presses and #2 adapts to every other press they sell. All parts are custom made in-house at LCA so you have the confidence of products made in the USA.

Not only is the Draw Board handy in a shop for checking draw length, timing, cam lean, and draw stops, but since it is attached to your LCA press, you can take it out and put it in the press without ever moving your feet. Make a few twists of the string and right back into the Draw Board it goes for a final check.

The LCA Draw Board will no doubt make life easier for you as you tweak and make repairs. The design simplifies things as it’s one-stop-shop design keeps everything in one place.

The price for the draw board is $220.00 and it will pay for itself in a short time.

See more from LCA at www.lastchancearchery.com.

Gary Elliott
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