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“There ain’t nothin’ redneck about Redneck Blinds.”   Willie Robertson

These words from Willie Robertson quickly became the slogan for Redneck Blinds when the company launched in 2010 and delivered one of their first blinds to the Robertson farm in Louisiana. Phil Robertson chimed in, “This has got to be the Taj Mahal of deer blinds!” And every deer hunter that’s ever stepped foot inside a Redneck Blind will tell you, these guys are exactly right.

The guys at Redneck Blinds have brought a new and improved way of doing business in the deer woods. Danny Little and his business partners started the company in 2010 following their venture in a business called, Redneck Street Rods, which manufactured high-end fiberglass 1932, 33 and 34 Ford coupes and sedans. The team already had a foot in the door with other products in the outdoor industry, so when a desire began to grow to build a better deer blind, Redneck Blinds came to life. Business has boomed and what started with 7 employees in 2010 has grown to over 75 employees today.

After I had the chance to climb into the Redneck Blind at one of our local dealers here in west Tennessee, I contacted Danny to hear more on the nitty gritty behind Redneck blinds. Danny was kind enough to give an inside look at Redneck Blinds.

“Our Flagship blind, the 6×6 Buck Palace 360 Crossover Blind, was designed with bowhunters in mind…by passionate bowhunters,” says Little.


The 6×6 Buck Palace 360 Crossover Blind was made for bowhunters. It allows you to hunt more comfortably and still get the shot.

You’ll notice the attention to detail from the very first step. No-slip traction holes ensure safe and solid footing as you climb.


Safe, easy-climb ladder steps are just one example of attention to detail with Redneck Blinds.

A hand rail gives you an extra measure of comfort and safety as you climb. This is also a great feature for youngsters that have not had a lot of experience climbing in and out of the stand. Older hunters will welcome the rail as well for an easy in and out experience.


Whether you’re hunting with young kids…or old kids…the hand rail on this blind makes climbing safe and easy.

An over-sized landing also gives hunters plenty of room to maneuver when climbing in and out of the blind.


Like the steps, the top deck on this blind gives you solid footing.

An easy to open lockable door handle keeps the blind safe and secure. The blinds are also designed with high quality automotive gaskets on the door that allow them to be sealed up virtually air tight giving the hunter a terrific edge when it comes to scent control.


Redneck Blinds help trap human odor allowing you to get away with shifting winds.

Once inside the blind you’ll quickly notice how the 10”X 46” vertical corner windows and oversized 14” tall X 36” wide horizontal windows make it the perfect blind for shot angles from just about any position when that trophy shot presents itself. With an 80” center roof height the bow hunter can even stand up and shoot inside the blind from the 46” tall vertical corner windows.


You’ll find ample shot opportunities with Redneck’s spacious window system.

The windows are real tinted automotive glass. Deer won’t see in, yet you have incredible 360 visibility to keep an eye on approaching deer. The windows are virtually silent to open, allowing you the opportunity to keep them closed to keep heat in, and quietly open them when the shot presents itself.


The deer will never see it coming thanks to Redneck’s tinted glass windows.

Box blinds are notorious for being noisy. The sounds of gear dropped in a hollow blind are seemingly magnified for every deer on the farm to hear. Redneck Blinds are different. The blinds are constructed using 100% fiberglass with marine grade gel coat finish and feature carpeted walls. The carpeted wall and floor construction make this blind whisper quiet and super cozy.


The handy shelf system featured in Redneck Blinds makes for a nice place to put calls, binos, gear, and snacks.

The blind is built on a solid foundation with ample room for a whole family of hunters. You won’t have to wonder whether or not your blind can handle the load when you’re hunting from a Redneck.


Redneck Blinds are built on a solid foundation for a lifetime of use.

The blind even features an anchor cable mounted from the frame to a ground stake to ensure the blind stays in place no matter what the elements throw its way.


The solid anchor system these blinds feature ensures your blind stays exactly where you want it.

What’s the best setup for placing a Redneck Blind?

“Our customers have placed the blinds on open food plot edges, in woods along known trails, and also as ground blinds, all with great success,” says Little.

What sets Redneck Blinds apart?

The quality, attention to detail in the design process, and excellent customer service are second to none. The crew at Redneck Blinds put an incredible amount of blood, sweat, and tears into the design of this blind. It truly is the Cadillac of deer hunting blinds.

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