Range, Aim, & Shoot With BOWRANGER BOW SIGHT

By Bow StaffSeptember 15, 201520 Comments

Just when you think you’ve seen it all in the archery and bowhunting industry a new product comes along that stirs the innovation pot. Such is the case with the new BOWRANGER bow sight. The team introducing this range finding bow sight are calling this new design the most innovative bow sight in the world with its Range Aim Shoot (RAS) technology. Keep it simple. Just range, aim, & shoot with BOWRANGER bow sight.

bowranger169The company says BOWRANGER is the world’s first commercially available electronic bow sight with integrated rangefinder. The power of the BOWRANGER lies in the speed and accuracy with which a perfect shot can be achieved.

Let’s face it, the brief moment it takes to grab the rangefinder from your side, shoot a yardage distance, then snap your release on the string and come to full draw can often be just enough to blow an opportunity on the buck of a lifetime. A simpler all-in-one solution would surely tip the odds in your favor at the moment of truth, right?


The BOWRANGER was designed to take all the human factors and guesswork out of the equation. Say goodbye to distance guessing, mishaps from gapping pins, and missed opportunities as you scramble to get your hands on and off a rangefinder around your neck. The BOWRANGER does all the work for you. You simply range, aim, and shoot.

How Does It Work?

Aim to Range: When aiming at a target you simply aim through the peep sight on the target and get the center green LED marker on target. A manual sight is also provided.

Range: When the green LED marker is on target, press the range button, and the desired red LED marker for that distance will be illuminated and the distance displayed on the OLED screen.

Aim to Shoot: Aim at the target with the illuminated red marker.


Shoot: When the illuminated red LED marker is on target just release the arrow.

Cool concept or just another goofy gimmick? We want to hear your thoughts on the new BOWRANGER bow sight. Shoot us a message or comment below to let us know what you think.

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