Best Kids’ Bows for Under $200

By Teri LancasterJune 14, 20155 Comments

“Help! My kid wants to take up archery. I don’t want to break the bank so can you tell me if there are any bows less than $200?”

This is a common question asked by many parents that want to support their child’s enthusiasm in the sport of archery. However dishing out a great deal of money for equipment is a turn-off for some parents.  If you’re in this situation don’t fear! There are some terrific starter bows to keep your kids loving the sport and still leaving some bills left in your wallet.

Some well known bow brands such as Mathews, Barnett, Bear, Genesis, Diamond and PSE all offer youth bows for under $200.  The big advantage today’s youth bow offer those of a decade ago is their large range of adjust ability.  Unlike your children’s clothing your kids won’t soon grow out of these bows very quickly.  I researched a total of 8 different bows, all under $200, that would be a great start for your beginner archer. Here are the best kids bows under $200.

I suggest before purchasing a bow, take your child to a local archery shop or check with your child’s school for NASP program and allow them to see other children shooting. Inquire at the local archery shop if there are beginner classes available with coaches trained to teach children the proper techniques in archery. Better archery shops will have demo bows your child can try to determine best fit.

Whichever bow you, and your little archer, choose to purchase, it is important to always supervise your child as well as coach them in good bow safety. Teach a child to shoot a bow– there is nothing more rewarding.

Teri Lancaster
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