HHA King Pin Sight Review

There was a time when single-pin bow sights were considered to be sights built strictly for competition shooters. Well, times have changed, and single-pin slider sights are now the rage among bowhunters as well. Bowhunters have realized the simplicity of hunting with a single-pin sight and are experiencing more punched tags as they add this option to their tools of the trade. I personally love a single-pin sight for the easy target acquisition it provides and no distractions in the heat of the moment.

HHA Single Pin bow sight

A single vertical pin provides a clear view of your target and assures you’ll never “pick the wrong pin” at the moment of truth.

There’s plenty of good single-pin sights on the market today, but one company has continued to shine above the rest when it comes to single-pin adjustable bow sights.  HHA Sports, based out of Wisconsin, has received Bowhunting World’s Readers’ Choice Gold award 11 straight years for movable sight of the year.  Now that’s impressive.  New for 2015 the crew at HHA has managed to make their award winning sight even better with the introduction of their new Optimizer Lite King Pin sight.

Optimizer King Pin Package

“Be The King” with the new Optimizer Lite King Pin.

King Pin Unboxed

20 years in the making, the new King Pin sight is packed with features you’ll not find anywhere else.

The King Pin comes standard with what is being touted as the industry’s most accurate sight tape system. Using the included setup tape you simply sight in at 20 and 60 yards and then select the proper tape for your setup and affix it to the dial.  Now you’re dialed in to the yard out to 100 yards. Interchangeable wheels makes changing tape a cinch and the perfect solution for using multiple arrows and draw weights.  This is a major bonus for folks who like to shoot different arrow setups for 3-D and hunting, or those who want to experiment with different arrow weights for various types of hunting.

HHA King Pin Interchangeable Dial

The King Pin’s removable dial is a life saver for archers who like to experiment with different arrow setups throughout the year.

The King Pin also features a slick sight tape magnifier that allows for quick and easy reference and adjustment to ¼ yard. Add the Blue Burst Light to this setup and you have the perfect solution for hunting from the darkness of ground blinds and for those that struggle with failing eyesight.

King Pin Sight Magnifier

The sight tape magnifier allows you to dial yardage into precise yardages for the ultimate in accuracy.

The King Pin has 2.1” of vertical travel adjustment, so you’re covered no matter the distance. A precision machined brass rack and pinion ensures silky smooth operation like no other with no slop or play. Despite the fact that this sight was designed with the features target shooters will love, it was also built with the hunter in mind. The sight’s new wheel forward design is ideal for mounting one-piece quivers and requires no special brackets or adapters. It also has a “Blind 20” feature that allows for fast, no-look return to your most common predetermined distance.

HHA King Pin sight

The brass rack and pinion drive system is extremely precise and provides fluid movement when dialing in your yardage.

The King Pin’s fully integrated 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment top it all off to make this the most accurate and deadly hunting sight on the market today. Whether on the range, or in the woods, the guys at HHA invite you to start ruling your kingdom today with the Optimizer Lite King Pin.

See the complete line of products from HHA at www.hhasports.com

Check out the video of the King Pin Sight from HHA:

Brodie Swisher

Brodie Swisher

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Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Bowhunting.com. Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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  1. Kyle Taylor says:

    Looks like a well made sight, does it come in any other color?

  2. Very nice instrument but, two words – Looks Heavy.

  3. efton green says:

    Looks like another well built sight from HHA. Thanks Brodie for the fresh insight.

  4. Mark Hawkins says:

    Very interested where can I find?

    • I bought mine at Cabela’s.

  5. Rob Schweppenhauser says:

    This is one lovely sight if my mother inlaw looked like that hey man what can i say Id love her

  6. Rob Schweppenhauser says:

    just what i need for hunting in the dusty south africa and of cause for winning the 3d championships

  7. Dustin Ruckman says:

    I get mine tomorrow I can’t wait I got the te 5510 I never had a single pin I know I’ll love it but one question about the lens kit I’m still young enuf wear my eyes are still working ok. Is there a chart and to see good out to 80 to 100 yrds what is a good mag X2 x4 x6 I don’t have a clarification peep so should I go with the X2 also I have a obsession phenix and I was wondering if I’ll need the shim that moves it up or down on ur brace ?

  8. Victor White says:

    Hello , I need help with my dial on my lite King Pin KP5519. The instructions state that it’s pre set from the factory so when the dial is turned all the way it lands on zero. My sight goes past zero and I wanted to know how I would fix this problem? Also , are there any drawing to show exactly where I start my tape when I find my number?

    Thanks for any help you can give !


  9. Macdoc18 says:

    How can you call this a review This is just word for word the advertising copy


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