Non-Hunting Products That Work Great For Hunting

By Justin ZarrOctober 16, 201418 Comments

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

While the hunting industry is certainly filled with a variety of gear, gadgets and gizmos to help make us more successful hunters there’s a few items from the non-hunting world that I find helpful from time to time.

Nite Ize Gear Ties

Todd got me hooked on these gear ties a few years back when they started popping up at our local home improvement stores.  For those who aren’t familiar with them they’re basically a large rubberized twist tie that can be used to secure or fasten just about anything you want.  I personally use mine to hold my rattling antlers together and prevent them from making noise, to strap my camera arm to my backpack, and a variety of other duties.  They’re available in a multitude of sizes and colors to meet nearly any need you may have.  My biggest tip is to get to the store and buy them before Todd does.  I’m pretty sure he’s their #1 customer!

Rattling antlersAfter battling with my antlers rattling together when I wanted them to be silent I finally found the perfect product to keep them quiet.

Makeup Remover

I know I’m going to catch some flak for this but that’s okay, I’m ready for it!  With more and more of us bow hunters opting for face paint over a face mask the need to find something that can remove your “war paint” at the end of a hunt is greater than ever.  Despite what manufacturers may claim about ease of removal with “just a paper towel” it’s a load of you-know-what.  Go ahead and use a paper towel if you want to rub your face raw and look like you just got done smearing mud all over yourself.  I’ll stick with my wife-approved makeup remover wipes for a nice clean face when I’m done hunting.  The only drawback is that these wipes are a bit on the fragrant side.  I often like to wipe down with a scent-free wipe when I’m done with these, less you run the risk of smelling like a bouquet of fresh flowers.  If anyone has found these wipes in a scent-free version please let me know!

Makeup remover wipesKeeping a pack of makeup removing wipes in your truck isn’t the manliest thing in the world, but it certainly gets the job done and helps avoid strange looks when you stop at the store on your way home.

External Battery for cell phone

As we rely more heavily on our cell phones for everything from viewing trail cam photos to plotting stand locations, checking wind direction, checking moon phases and of course checking Facebook an external battery pack can certainly come in handy on those long sits.  I keep a charged up battery in my pack until it’s needed.  During late season hunts when cell phone batteries drain more quickly I will keep the battery in my hand muff along with my phone and a few hand warmers.  After all, you never know when you’ll need to send that “BBD” text to your buddies.

Cell phone battery packIf we stay off our phones more while we’re hunting we probably wouldn’t need one of these.  However let’s face facts – that’s not going to happen.

Boot Changing Mat

Getting changed in the cold and dark is probably one of my least favorite things about the hunting season.  What can make stripping down to your skivvies in below freezing temps even worse is dancing around on one foot trying to get your pants on and off.  Several years ago I invested in a nice boot changing mat that allows me to keep my feet (and more importantly my socks) clean and dry when getting changed in less than ideal conditions. 

Boot changing matA hunter with warm, dry feet is a much happier hunter than one with cold, wet feet.  Start your hunt out on the right “foot” with one of these handy changing mats.

Heated Clothing

While heated clothing is just starting to infiltrate the hunting world it’s certainly nothing new.  People who brave the elements all year long for work have been using heated clothing for years.  I recently started using a heated hoodie from Milwaukee that is a dream for late season hunts.  Worn under my camo out layer this bad boy helps keep me toasty warm which means I fidget less and hopefully see more deer.  Just don’t forget to charge the batteries before your hunt!

Heated hooded sweatshirtI already admitted to using makeup remover, so I have no shame admitting I love my heated hoodie on a cold day’s hunt.

Of course this is just my list of non-hunting items that I use in hunting situations.  I’m sure there’s plenty more great ideas out there.  If you have any of your own to share please post them in the Comments section below!

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