Invisib-Oil is a product designed for those of us who are sticklers about scent control. It is not a cover scent or an odor neutralizer, it controls scent on the “cellular level”. We all shed some skin cells as we go about our business. These cells contain enough scent to keep a bloodhound on a man’s  track that is 72 hours old. A deer’s sense of smell is almost as good as  the bloodhounds’ that were used to field test the Invisib-Oil. The manufacturer recommends the oil to be applied over all skin surfaces before the hunt and a $10 bottle should be good for 10 – 12 treatments. I’ve seen bloodhounds work.  If it is good enough to fool them it is good enough for me.


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  1. Ronald DeMoulin Sr. says:

    Wish you had samplle's or I'd like to become a tester for your product here in New Jersey.


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