Morning Update from 2014 ATA Show in Nashville, TN

Day one has already been as exciting as promised. Not only are there tremendous products everywhere you turn, but you may run into the occasional Hunting Celebrity or Country Music Star Singing at a booth. We are running all over the show to bring you as many updates of New Products as possible. Here is the latest batch.

New for 2014-The Wasp DRONE

The Solid-Steel Ferrule allows for a reduced surface area and extreme accuracy, penetration and strength. This broadhead boasts a brawny Ferrule, the exclusive Stainless Smart Tip (SST) and .027 blades. The Drone comes in 100 grains with an 1 1/8″ cutting diameter.

The Wasp DRONE

New for 2014-Under Armour Scent Control Aerosol Spray

For everyone that is scent conscious, Under Armour has come out with a complete line of scent control products. The Aerosol spray contains game-changing technologies that destroy odor. With the use of a custom engineered zeolite carrier and a synthetic lava this product creates a chemical reaction that permanently eliminates odor.

Under Armour Scent Control Aersol Spray

New for 2014-Apache EQ Stabilizer

The all new Apache EQ Stabilizer takes vibration absorption to the next level. With 30 vibration absorbing elements and the ability to adjust the dampeners to shift balance to the shooters preference. The Total length is six inches and weighs in at only 4 ounces. This Stabilizer will give you all the flexibility you are looking for.

Apache EQ Stabilizer

New for 2014-Ultimate Anatomy Organ Buck

The Ultimate Anatomy Organ Buck (UAOB) is the only target designed for perfect shot placement, compensating for various height, distance and angle variations utilizing superb medical field quality and anatomy. It is designed for arrows to penetrate the soft foam and allow bowhunters to actually “see” where their arrow impacted and the damaged that would ensue. Practice on this target will condition shooters to shoot the largest kill zone possible. This would make a great target for beginners and veterans alike.

Ultimate Anatomy Organ Buck

New for 2014-Rinehart Targets BOONER BUCK

For all of you trophy buck hunters Rinehart Targets has developed the new BOONER BUCK. They say if you want to kill a giant you need to practice shooting one. This targets antlers are truly impressive. Each BOONER BUCK comes standard with one piece removable antlers, 100% Rinehart high density foam removable insert and no plastic on this target whatsoever. Although they had this target here at the show, it will not be hitting stores or be available for order until March 1, 2014.

Rinehart Targets BOONER BUCK


To help support the future of hunting by introducing a product that is specifically geared to new archers and kids, HHA has hit the mark. The all new OPTIMIZER LITE CADET is 100% machined aluminum , and weighs only 5 oz. This easy to use sight has a one pin design which allow those new archers to reduce the clutter of multiple pins and focus on one single .019 pin that comes in either green or red.



This damper has been specifically designed for split limb bows and crossbows. It will reduce the noise and vibration generated in today’s bows resulting in a quieter and more accurate shot. It comes in three different models the Rubber Mount 3 oz, Rubber Mount 2.4 oz, and the Bolt on 2.4 oz. It also features a Mathews harmonic stabilizer.



This is a truly sweet looking arrow rest, very clean and modern looking. With the blend of carbon and titanium not only does it look good but it also offers superior strength and durability. The addition of the DOA trigger technology is said to dramatically increase accuracy. There are also three setting s that allow the shooter to decide how much arrow contact they are comfortable with. This unit also has the world’s only 100% machined titanium launcher. This is definitely a must see product.


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  1. Looking for a new product I seen that is used in an atv to remove deer from the woods I believe it was called gamextractor. Do you have you seen it or have any info on it. Looks like it works great.


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