A Perfect Hunt – The Brett Patnaude Buck

As we prepare for the quickly approaching season every bowhunter envisions the many possible scenarios he may encounter.  While we may dream of an estrus doe leading a monster buck past our stand on November 1st or of rattling in a non-typical giant from across a cut corn field those types of hunts are a rarity.  If you are fortunate enough to experience one of those “perfect hunts” you come to appreciate how truly special they are.  On October 30th Brett Patnaude had just one of those hunts.

Brett Patnaude's Wisconsin WhitetailBrett’s perfect hunt was capped of with a perfect trophy photo. Tips for taking trophy photos.

Hunt Details

Date: October 30th,Time of Day: 8:00 AMWeather: 35 Degrees and a constant cold BreezeLocation: Buffalo County Wisconsin, 

I climbed into my stand well before daylight. I had been very anxious for this hunt because it was one of my favorite set-ups. I was perched at the bottom of a ravine, with a beautiful cut cornfield just behind me. As it began to get daylight I could hear a buck across the ravine that was on a mission. Every few seconds I could hear the sounds of grunting, hooves moving across different types of terrain whether it was mud or rocks, and the sound of brush being indiscriminately thrashed.  With every noise my anticipation grew and the release of adrenaline became harder to deal with.  I kept trying to determine the direction and distance of the noises, but it was hard to discern over the sound of my heart that seemed to pound directly on my ear drums with every beat.

While I got my nerves under control I noticed that the noises seemed to be getting closer to my position.  I knew that there was a pinch point not too far from my stand where the does always seem to filter out in the field.  I was willing to bet my last dollar that was where he was headed. It was one of those areas that I had to point my range finder at every time I was in this stand so I knew it was exactly 42 yards away.  My feet were in the perfect position, my release was attached and I was ready for my opportunity.  

The buck’s massive body slowly made its way into the shooting lane and stopped. I watched as he threw his powerful nose in the air to scent check for any does that may be close by. As he did this I slowly drew my bow back and settled my pin right where it needed to be. I remember slightly flinching as the release went off and I watched the arrow disappear in what would be a perfect shot.

The buck never even flinched!  He just slowly watched his surroundings until the uncontrollable sway started to take over his movements. He took his last breath less than two yards from where the arrow first found him.  As I celebrated from my stand I knew that this had been an absolutely perfect hunt.

Q: What were the major factors that helped you harvest this buck?A: The wind was perfect. It was blowing from right to left and he came in on the downwind side so he never knew I was there. He also stopped in the only shooting lane that I had which certainly didn’t hurt..

Q: Anyone you would like to thank, for their help with this harvest?A: I would like to thank Scott Kirkpatrick formerly of Buffalo County Outfitters for an outstanding hunt.  

Equipment Used:

Bow = Bowtech AdmiralBroadheads = Slick Trick Grizztrick 2’sCamouflage = Sitka Gear Fanatic Jacket & Sitka Gear Stratus BibsTreestand = Lone Wolf Alpha Hang OnScents = Hunter’s Specialties Scent-a-wayClothing = Sitka Gear layering technology

Editor’s Note: Congratulations to Brett on an awesome hunt and an amazing buck!  If you have an interesting story or a big buck you want us to profile send your information to [email protected]


  1. Duffy Altermatt says:

    Congrats, and i am very jealous you have a great looking trophy there.


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