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By Brodie SwisherMay 19, 20142 Comments

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

What do you get when you mix bows, water, and big fish? You get an incredibly addictive, action-packed adventure called bowfishing. The sport of bowfishing will change your life! Try it just one time, and you’ll see for yourself. As bowfishing continues to grow at a staggering rate each year, so does the demand for quality gear designed specifically for shooting big fish with a bow. Leading bow manufactures have realized the growing trend in the bowfishing world and are meeting the demand for bows geared specifically for the bowfishing enthusiast. This month we’ll look at the best of the best in bows for bowfishing in 2014.

AMS Swamp Thing

AMS Bowfishing continues to lead the world as a one-stop shop for everything bowfishing. Bowfishing is not just a portion of their business. It is their business. Bowfishing is all they do. AMS Bowfishing has continued to offer great bows specifically designed for shooting fish. For 2014, they’ve unleashed yet another great option in their bow line. The AMS Swamp Thing bow is the ultimate big fish bowfishing bow. The 40-50# Swamp Thing features dual cams for extra power shooting bigger fish at further distances. The Swamp Thing has all stainless steel components ensuring a corrosion free life. The Swamp Thing comes in a bow kit featuring the new AMS Tournament Series Reel with 4.3/1 tournament series gear, 200# Yellow Dacron line, AMS Tidal Wave arrow rest, AMS Safety Slide Kit, and the “Between the Banks” bowfishing DVD. Check it out at

AMS Swamp Thing


Mission Menace

I shot a lot of fish last year with my Mission bow. I love the light and compact package the Mission Menace and Mission Craze provide for archers of any age. The Menace is truly a universal bow that anyone from adults to young kids can shoot. Its perimeter-weighted 2CPW dual cam system is smooth, balanced and super easy to adjust without a bow press. The Menace provides plenty of punch for big fish, yet maintains the comfort of a lightweight design and high let-off. Specs on the Menace include: 31” axle to axle, 16-52 lb. draw weight, 17-30” draw length, and weighs just 2.95 pounds. The Menace is available in a variety of cool custom colors. Check it out at

Green Menace

PSE Tidal Wave & Discovery

The folks at PSE set out to make a bowfishing bow for the person who sees bowfishing as more than just an off-season hobby, but a passion that runs deep. The Tidal Wave is what they feel is the perfect bowfishing bow for the serious bowfisherman. The Tidal Wave was engineered with a constant draw weight for snap shooting, features a 32″ axle-to-axle length for maneuverability, and a durable design that’s able to handle extreme conditions. The Tidal Wave weighs in at just 3.3lbs. and has a draw length to 30 inches.

After realizing that a lot of people were using the PSE Discovery bow for bowfishing, PSE decided to do it up right and put this slick little bow in a bowfishing package with a special camo. The Discovery Bowfishing compound features a light, compact design, a constant draw weight out to 30″, and an economical price, making it an ideal bowfishing tool for any budget. The Discovery Bowfishing bow is 31 ½ inches axle to axle and weighs in at 3.3 lbs. See the Tidal Wave and Discovery at

PSE Tidal WavePSE Discovery

Oneida Eagle Osprey

The Oneida Osprey bow has long been considered the Cadillac of bowfishing bows by serious bowfishermen across the country. It is built from a lightweight, durable casting and offers a wide range of poundage and let-off selections. The bow is silky smooth to draw and packs the punch needed to shoot everything from small rough fish to gators. Fans of the Osprey bow know it for its fast drawing, quick-pointing design with the shooting capabilities suited to make the ‘snap-shot’ that most bow-fisherman are presented with. Specs on the Osprey include a draw length of 26-32 inches, draw weight of 30-50 lbs., and weighs in at 3.4 lbs. The Osprey has stainless hardware and comes in a variety of color options. See the Osprey at

Oneida Eagle Osprey

Diamond Infinite Edge & Atomic

Diamond Archery paved the way for new bowhunters everywhere with a bow that features insane adjustability for the youngest, or oldest, archers. The Diamond Infinite Edge brings maximum adjustability for shooters at every level. In fact, the folks at Diamond Archery say that the bow is so versatile that it will be the last bow you’ll ever have to buy. The Infinite Edge features an infinite draw setting, making it an ideal option for bowfishing. Specs on the bow include a draw length range of 13-30 inches and an incredible draw weight range from 5-70 lbs.

Another option from Diamond that allows even the smallest of archers to get into the bowfishing game is their Atomic bow. I’ll be honest. At first glance I thought this bow was a toy. It’s tiny at just 24” axle to axle. But the moment I shot the tiny bow I knew that it was no light-weight when it comes to a great shooting bow for a child’s first archery adventure. The bow is quite zippy with speeds up to 191 FPS. The Atomic features a draw weight range from 6-29 lbs. and draw length from 12-24 inches. See the Infinite Edge and Atomic at

Diamond Atomic


Cajun Sucker Punch

The crew at Cajun Bowfishing wanted to bring a better way of doing things on the water when they unleashed their new Sucker Punch bowfishing bow package. A night of bowfishing can be brutal on equipment. The new Sucker Punch was designed to handle the rigors of a night on the water. The bow’s 35.25″ axle to axle length allows for comfortable shooting all day or all night without finger pinch. The Sucker Punch is light, weighing in at just 3.2 lbs. The deep cam grooves on the Sucker Punch prevent derailment when this bow is thrown around in the back of the truck or bottom of the boat. The Sucker Punch brings versatility with the option of a constant draw cam or draw length specific modules included. The Sucker Punch is available as a bare bow or in a bowfishing package with the new Cajun Hybrid Reel. See the Sucker Punch at

When I first got in to bowfishing years ago, I simply hit the water with an old recurve bow or pawn shop compound. Getting into bowfishing is a relatively inexpensive venture with minimal equipment needed, depending on how you bowfish. However, like anything, when you get bit by the bowfishing bug, you’ll find yourself wanting the best of the best in a bowfishing bow. The bows mentioned above are those exact bows. They are bows that make the sport of bowfishing better.

Cajun Suckerpunch

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