New Charges Against Spook Spann

The bad news continues for William Spann, otherwise known by his moniker, “Spook” Spann.  Last year Spann plead guilty to wildlife violations regarding a deer that he unlawfully killed in Kansas, and then transported across state lines to his home state of Tennessee.  Now he’s facing punishment, including jail time, for new charges.

Spann’s initial violations occurred in Kansas, in 2007, when he illegally killed a non-typical buck that grossed around 230” on the Pope & Young scoring system.  The deer was shot during the Kansas archery season, with legal equipment and during legal hours, but the tag that Spook was hunting on was only valid for land that Spann owned or leased for agricultural use, and was invalid for the property that Spann leased to hunt.  Spann then transported the illegal harvest across state lines, therefore violating the Lacey Act.

Spann plead guilty to the charges in November of 2012 as was ordered to pay around $20,000.  He was also banned from hunting in Kansas for one full year, in addition to being banned from hunting anywhere else in the U.S. for six months.


Outdoor hunting figure William “Spook” Spann faces new charges as a result of a current probation violation.

On June 10, the federal probation office in Kansas filed a petition against Spann, stating that he violated his probation by hunting in Tennessee this spring.  The petition went before U.S. Magistrate Judge James P. O’Hara, who ruled that Spann was indeed in violation of his probation.

There was no direct evidence of Spann hunting himself; however federal game wardens did attain photo and video evidence of Spann dressed in camouflage, carrying hunting equipment, calling game for other hunters, carrying harvested game, and violating Tennessee hunting regulations by illegally baiting turkey.

Spann now faces new punishment for violating the terms of his probation, which has now been extended to February of 2016.  In addition, Spann must spend 30 days in jail before February 28, 2014.  Spann has also been banned from hunting anywhere in the world until August 1, 2014.


  1. rhiendhold weis says:

    this is jsut one of these so called great white hunters that got caught, they are obsessed, gotta have it at any cost, truth be known, probably at least 50% of all the bucks these jokers shoot are in some kind of enclosure, the ordinary guy that hunts real hard in the real world, rarely even sees a deer of the magnitude they shoot, fist pumping, crying, u name it, makes me sick, vey few i will watch anymore, gottin out of hand

  2. antlerman says:

    Just guessing here…..but if he's on federal probation, one of the conditions is he's probably not allowed to leave the U.S., which would preclude him from hunting…or doing anything else…in a foreign country.

  3. I would say it takes a lot of nerve to tell somebody 'you can't hunt anywhere in the world until 2014.' Seriously?

  4. FMWarren says:

    They need to catch more tv guys! Its all about money now and look at me!!!

  5. MrOutdoors says:

    Mabe leave the camera at home next hunt. 😉

  6. Didn't realize there was a world – wide compact to enforce a "no hunting anywhere in the world" decree. Sounds kinda creepy to me- what if anti's got power over something like that. New World Order, much? Seems to me that if Mr. Spook wants to hunt New Zealand, and New Zealand has no problem with it, Kansa may have to go suck an egg. Naandd no, I'm not supporting his violation in Kansas at all.

  7. kind of funny they give him more laws to live by when he cant follow the first set, i garuntee u he will be hunting sumwhere

  8. Sounds like another Jeff Foiles, need to deal with these jokers now, before the give the average hunter a bad name, oh wait to late for that. Absolutely sickening.

  9. Jonathan says:

    The initial issues here are almost irrelevant compared to the judge and the systems' response! No hunting in the WORLD! Where are the constitutional powers or authority to decree that!? What tyrants!


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