Best Broadhead For Youth?

Here at we recieve a lot of e-mails and questions. This one revolves around a young bowhunter and his difficulty finding a broadhead that is just right for his lightweight setup.

“Hey I love bow hunting and that’s all I like to do is bow hunt. I have shot two bucks and a doe with my Parker sidekick so far. I’m wondering what nap broadheads I should get. I’m thinking about the thunderhead or the kill zone. The reason I ask is because I am a kid and I only pull back 45 pounds and I didn’t know if the kill zone would go in a shoulder if I had a bad shot because this year I used a rage and I had a bad shot in the shoulder and couldn’t find the buck. I know there is three different models of the kill zone so which would you recommend, one of those three models or the thunderhead”. Thanks, Hunter

low ke

Lucky for Hunter, NAP just released a broadhead made specifically for young shooters, women, or anyone else with a low KE setup. Aptly named the KillZone Low KE, this broadhead is sure to perform like its big brother. The Killzone Low KE is offered as a 100 grain head with 1 ¾” cutting diameter, upon blade deployment, and is offered with the cut-on-contact tip.  They come in packs of 3 with a free practice head.

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