Date: December 26, 2012, Time of Day: Evening, Weather: 17 Degrees with a light snow

I first got pictures of this buck on November 21st after returning home from a hunt in Illinois. In the pictures I noticed how unusually tall this bucks antlers were, and decided to name him Top Hat. I was a man on a mission, hunting day in and day out. I was seeing a lot of deer but they were all extremely spooky, and there was no sign of Top Hat; except in night time trail camera photos. As the days flew by I knew that my chances of taking Top Hat were slipping away and it was time to make my move. I started to reposition my stand locations and trail cameras closer to his core bedding area. I wanted to be just close enough to catch his daylight movement without putting any undue pressure on this buck. And, if all of this was not stressful enough, my other cameras were starting to show that other bucks were beginning to shed their antlers.  I was worried that I would end up hunting his sheds instead of this beautiful buck.


Despite nasty weather conditions Scott never gave up on the hope of killing his trophy buck.

The Day after Christmas the weather was perfect and I finally saw what I had worked so diligently for ….daylight pictures of Top Hat.  With a new sense of confidence I climbed into my stand that evening, with only the thoughts of my recent discovery to keep me warm in the bone rattling 17 degree weather. As daylight started to fade and the last doe trickled out of sight, I finally caught a glimpse of Top Hat. He majestically crossed the property line at 100 yards and did not stop until he was fifteen yards away from me.  As I watched my arrow punch through that deer I knew all of my hard work had just paid off.


Trail camera images played a big roll in killing this particular buck.

Q: What were the major factors that helped you harvest this buck?A: Weather and persistence were the keys to harvesting this animal. The snow and cold temperatures hit at just the right time to get this buck up and moving. I also think it was very important that I was able to adapt my set-up to where he wanted to be during daylight hours.

Type Of Equipment Used:

Bow = Bowtech AllegianceBroadheads =  Rage 100 Grain 2 BladeArrows = Easton ACC Camouflage =  Standard Wool

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