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LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

Make no mistake, these are uncertain times that we live in. Each day it seems that the things we value and love are under attack. This includes our second Amendment right….”A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

In light of the recent decision by Reed exhibitions, the promoter of the Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show (ESOS) near Harrisburg, PA, to ban the display or sale of any magazines that holds more then ten rounds and all semi automatic weapons at the show, Bowhunting.com has decided to stand up for the 2nd Amendment and remove ourselves from the show. 

Recently, we recieved an an e-mail from a concerned individual regarding the events that are unfolding surrounding the Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show (ESOS) near Harrisburg, PA. In an effort to keep our loyal readers informed, we have chosen to share this information with you. While we strive to provide the best online bowhunting and archery information, we felt this was a matter for all hunters (Americans)….regardless of weapon.

We want to hear what you think. Will you be attending? Do you think we should attend?  


Below is the letter we recieved…….

I am writing to you guys because I found out that you will be attending the Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show (ESOS) near Harrisburg, PA.  The ESOS has outfitters and guides from all over the country.  In addition the ESOS has booths from just about every mom and pop archery and gun shop in Pennsylvania.
I didn’t know if you were aware but the State of Pennsylvania does not allow semi automatic rifles and pistols to be used for hunting.  The ESOS has banned the display or sale of any magazines that hold more then ten rounds and all semi automatic weapons.  Reed exhibitions (the shows promoter) said this is because of the state law in PA banning semi auto rifles and pistols for hunting as well as the recent national tragedy in Newtown, CT.
People are very upset with Reed exhibitions.  Pennsylvania has a large hunting heritage as well a strong belief in target shooting and self defense.  I live in Denver, PA (Lancaster County) and every mom and pop shop that sells either Archery, Firearms, Fishing Gear and hunting supplies has pulled out from the show.  Cabelas has also pulled out of the show.  The ESOS has them still listed as coming on their website though to fool people.  Somebody created a facebook page about this (http://www.facebook.com/BoycottTheEasternSportsAndOutdoorShow).
I want you and your team to know that a lot of people are boycotting the show this year due to the anti second amendment stance that Reed exhibitions is taking.  I would hate to see you drive down here and not get much business.  I know it costs a fortune between renting a booth, driving down here, getting a hotel, etc.  If Reed reversed their stance, I still don’t plan to attend this year and I bet you most people still would not attend. Last year was the first time we were at the show.  This show claims its all hunting and fishing.  I can’t believe that the show released a statement this year saying they need to focus more on hunting and fishing and then ban a whole class of weapons that are technically legal to hunt with in most states.  I bet you the Bath Fitters, Good Health Saunas and Yogi Bo (Bean Bag Chairs) has a lot to do with hunting and fishing though.  I wont be at the show this year but please ask Reed what companies like this have to do with hunting and fishing.
Sorry I hope this doesn’t come as a shocker.  The economy is in shambles and everyone’s budgets have been tightened.  I don’t want to see good people loose on business due to the amount of people boycotting the show.


Link Courtesy of archerywire…..http://www.archerywire.com/releases/278317

LIST OF EXHIBITORS BOYCOTTING SHOW……http://lancasteronline.com/article/local/805854_List-of-exhibitors-boycotting-the-Eastern-Sports-and-Outdoor-Show.html

TenPoint Withdraws from ESOS Event and Purchases Lifetime NRA Memberships for Employees      

Mogadore, OH –TenPoint Crossbow Technologies’ Chairman and CEO, Rick Bednar, expressing his company’s steadfast disagreement with the decision of the Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show management to prohibit the display and sale of Modern Sporting Rifles at its 2013 Harrisburg, PA event, has decided to remove TenPoint’s display from the upcoming February 2-10 show.
“We are taking this action to stand in solidarity with many other shooting and outdoor sporting goods manufacturers in support of the guarantees expressed in the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution,” Bednar said.  “We regret having to make this decision because we have supported this great consumer event nearly every year since our inception in 1994.  It is unfortunate, but I believe we must take this position as a matter of principle.”
To underscore his decision, Bednar has also decided to purchase lifetime NRA memberships for all TenPoint employees who wish to have one.  “The NRA, more than any other entity, has led the effort to protect of our right to own and bear arms,” Bednar said.  “The best way to support their effort is to grow the ranks of their membership.”
“The NRA mission, however, encompasses greater goals than simply protecting our right to bear arms,” Bednar continued. “Before we opened our doors for business, we crafted a Corporate Statement that guides our decision making process, and we think it is compatible with the NRA’s larger view.  In part, this Statement has motivated us to support their efforts. Its last sentence states that, ‘…  we are committed to the care and conservation of our land, water and air; to the humane and responsible management of our wildlife and to the preservation and expansion of recreational shooting and hunting.’ We believe the NRA shares a similar view.”

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