Cyclops Flare Spotlight Review

Flashlights are one of those pieces of gear that most of us forget about until we need them the most.  Whether we’re changing a flat tire on the side of the road or helping a buddy track out a wounded deer, having a good, dependable light is a must.  While I’ve owned a number of flashlights of all shapes and sizes in my life, the Cyclops Flare is my current favorite.

This particular spotlight has already proven itself extremely handy this fall as I used it during an evening track job with my hunting partner Mike Willand.  Even with two other guys both with flashlights in hand, the Flare outshined them both and allowed me to see the blood trail yards ahead of everyone else.

With 3 high output LED bulbs the Flare puts out 193 lumens of bright white light.  For those of you keeping score at home, that’s a LOT of light.  By comparison my 3 D-Cell Mag Lite with Krypton bulb, which has been my go-to light for a number of years, only puts out somewhere around 20 lumens of light. (Current figures using the newest methods for measuring lumens are currently unavailable on Mag Lite’s website).

This picture shows the beam of light emmited from a 3 D-cell Mag Lite.  The photo was taken on my deck, and the deer target is 23 yards away.

This photo, taken in the exact same spot, shows the beam of light emmitted from the 193 lumen Cyclops Flare light.  A noticable improvement, wouldn’t you say?

The 3 high powered LED lights provide the 193 lumen output of the Cyclops Flare.  The additional 6 low power green LEDs located around the outside of the light provide a good amount of light for scanning the immediate area in front of you.

Using the high power LED bulbs the Cyclops will burn for an impressive 3.5 hours.  By switching down to the 6 low power green LED bulbs you can squeeze out 100 hours of burn time.  The green lights are good for viewing the immediate area when you don’t need the brightest of bright lights.  They’re also good for find your way to your stand in the dark if you dont’ want to alert game, or other hunters, to your presence.

The Cyclops Flare runs off 6 AA batteries which, nicely enough, are included with the light.

Aside from it’s just it’s sheer brightness I’ve become a big fan of the Cyclops’ ergonomic handle.  Using the always-on lock switch I can turn the light on, and pan the area I’m exploring with ease. 

All in all, I’ve been extremely impressed with the Flare so far.  I’ve had it for a few months now and used it a handful of times and walked away impressed every time.  Hopefully I can put it to good use this fall on a few more blood trails.

If you’re looking for a new flashlight for not just hunting purposes, but any purpose, check out the Flare.  With a $50 retail cost you can’t go wrong.

The Cyclops Flare spotlight – a great bargain at just $50.

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