Gamehide Elimi Tick Clothing Review

As many serious bowhunters know, bowhunting for whitetails isn’t a sport that one can be consistently successful at by simply walking into the woods each fall and hoping for the best.  It takes a lot of time, effort and hard work.  This means spending time year round in the woods shed hunting, scouting, monitoring trail cameras, planting food plots and doing anything possible to gain an edge on a mature whitetail.  To do that, you need gear designed for the hunter who spends their entire year- in all weather conditions- in the field.  Enter the Elimi Tick Series of clothing by Gamehide Gear.

Hanging trail cameras along over grown field edges is a great place to intercept a traveling buck, but also pick up nasty ticks!  Fortunately, I didn’t pick up and ticks, but did I catch any bucks on trail camera?  Only time will tell.

The entire Elimi Tick line of clothing is insect and tick repellent, making it a useful piece of gear during the late spring all the way into fall, or whenever ticks or other troublesome insects are a problem in your part of the country.  This comfortable and durable line of clothing is great for any project or adventure you may have planned in the woods that may lead you to cross paths with pesky insects.  Personally, I am a huge fan of the Five Pocket Pants.  I had an opportunity to put them to the test this past week while doing some last minute projects on my property prepping for the upcoming bow season.  I spent two straight days hanging treestands and cutting shooting lanes along overgrown field edges and checking trail cameras in super thick bedding areas and at the end of the weekend, not a tick one found its way onto my body.   Needless to say, I was pleased.  Not a deer hunter?  This line of clothing is perfect for any naturalist, hiker, turkey hunter, or anyone who simply enjoys spending time outdoors.  It’s a versatile piece of clothing.

After hours of trimming shooting lanes, I still could not find a tick one on my body.  Pretty impressive!

Similar to scent control clothing, one could easily refute the effectiveness of insect and tick repelling clothing.  Maybe there were just no ticks in the areas I was working this past weekend?  It was awfully hot and dry; not your ideal tick weather.  Maybe it’s just a coincidence that I made it through hours of work and came away tick-less.  Fortunately, there is some science backing these quality made products.  All Elimi Tick clothing utilizes Insect Shield Repellent Technology that bonds a man made version of tick repellent (naturally found in chrysanthemum flowers) so tightly to the fabrics inner most fibers, that it’s nearly impossible for a tick to latch on to your clothing.  Couple that with the fact that the repellent in Elimi Tick clothing is odorless and invisible and it makes you wonder why you wouldn’t be wearing Elimi Tick garments when scouting or working on land projects.

The Elimi Tick line of clothing is perfect for deer hunters, yes, but also for anyone who likes to get out and casually enjoy the great outdoors.

With the prevalence of Lyme disease growing rapidly, it would be foolish to not at least give Elimi Tick a try.  If you are interested in learning more about Elimi Tick clothing and the many quality products for sale by Gamehide gear, check out their website.  I do, however, insist you give Elimi Tick clothing a try, you will not be disappointed. 


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