Camtrakker Photos Of A Giant Nine Point Velvet Buck

By Hunting NetworkAugust 7, 2011

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

A couple weeks ago I was able to locate a monster whitetail while glassing some fields in my hunting area. Even glassing through my 10X binoculars he was just to far away to see any details other than… Large! I had to get a trail camera out at my first opportunity. I got the trail camera setup last Saturday afternoon.  I just couldn’t wait any longer so I had to go pull the memory card after just a week on Saturday morning.

There is some good news and bad news pertaining to finding this monster whitetail.  Yes, these photos were taken on property I have access to. That’s the good news. Now onto the bad news, I do not have access to any timber that borders this field. The neighboring landowner does not grant hunting permission either as they are hunters as well. So, that is strike one and two right there.

A view where you can really see how wide this POG* is!

 With only two strikes that still leaves me a slight chance with this whitetail. Eyeing my final strike I plan to keep on this buck throughout the summer and hope he is still using this bean field once our bow season opens September 24th.  If he is still using this field I have a ground setup I could use where a cattail slough juts into the field from the timber he beds in.  I see him often feeding on the beans along the sloughs edge. It is a long shot he will still be in these beans then as they will be browning and the corn in the area will most likely be the destination food source of choice.

Long main beams, towering tines and wide. This buck has it all.

This is by far the largest nine point buck I have ever laid eyes on. So, I now ask for your input…  What do you think this giant framed whitetail gross scores? Let’s hear what you got on this big guy.

A great view of the long main beams and big time inside spread.

* The term POG was coined by Dave Bols as a slang term for a Slammer buck.

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