Mission Archery by Mathews Introdcues the Maniac Bow

Without a doubt, it’s safe to assume that Mathews knows the world of archery and bowhunting and it’s members.  With years of leading innovation and design to back their reputation as the industry leader, Mathews and it’s brother company Mission archery have conlcuded the following about bowhunters.  Bowhunters are the real McCoy- genuine woodsmen that don’t care if their belt doesn’t match their boots or if the paint job on their truck has a few scars.  But when it comes to the hunt, their attention to detail maniacal.  They obsess over which way the wind is blowing, where the best food sources are and the size of the racks roaming their territory.

The all new Maniac is a testament to bowhunting savvy, with parallel limbs, string suppressors and an adjustable dual cam system that reaches up to 310 fps all in one compact, light-weight package.  The Maniac by Mission Archery is simply the best bow in it’s price range. 



– IBO Rate- Up tp 310 fps

– Physical Weight- 4.12lbs

– Axle to Axle- 31″

– Brace Height- 7 1/8″

– Let-off- Up to 77%

– Riser- Fully Machined

– Draw Weight- 20-70lbs

– Draw Length- 22-30″

– Silencers- D-Amplifiers

– Suppressors- String Suppressors

– Cam (s)- Dual/ Adjustable

– Cable Guard- Carbon Rod 

– Bow Strings- Zebra Hybrid

– Grip- Composite

– String Length- 57 1/4″

– Cable Length- 34 1/8″


The Mission Maniac- a safe bet when hitting the woods in pursuit of trophy animals.

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